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OK, I've had so much fun on your name threads, please come and slate my delusional choices

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Lionstar Wed 21-Jan-09 11:49:04

Still TTC No. 2 at the moment. Girls names are impossible, but for a boy I am liking:

Oshian (Oshi for short)

DP is stuggling with all except Bryn (which is probably my least favourite) - we need a Welsh element so it may become the middle name.

lastboxoftampons Wed 21-Jan-09 11:58:51

I like Oren, Keir and Lukas. Bryn's nice - but I mostly think of it as a girls name?

Nancy66 Wed 21-Jan-09 11:58:58

Well, since you asked - I think they're all horrible. sorry!

PestoInaugurationMonster Wed 21-Jan-09 12:00:02

I don't like any of 'em either, sorry.

Twims Wed 21-Jan-09 12:00:20

Dont like any - kind of like Lukas - but only with a c not a k

nailpolish Wed 21-Jan-09 12:00:27

i have a nephew Oren
although they spelt it Oran

i like Keir

belgo Wed 21-Jan-09 12:00:37

Bryn is lovely. Lucas is nice. The rest are horrible.

belgo Wed 21-Jan-09 12:01:44

Prefer Oran to Oren. Oren means 'ears' in dutch.

twoluvlykids Wed 21-Jan-09 12:03:24

Tyrone is OK but only if shortened to Ty.

Lukas is OK

I don't like the rest, sorry

Lionstar Wed 21-Jan-09 12:05:12

Keep going ladies, I need to be told just how delusional I am - DP will be very proud of you.

Does no-one like Cyrus? I have a hankering for Cyrus

AmIOdetteOrOdile Wed 21-Jan-09 12:06:36

Depends on the surname tbh. Cyrus reminds me of Billy Ray, LuCas, Oshian sounds like the Irish Oisin which is a girl's name.

nailpolish Wed 21-Jan-09 12:07:21

oran is irish and means pale, or light

cyrus reminds me of hannah montana, sorry
or billy rae cyrus (lol)

nailpolish Wed 21-Jan-09 12:07:55

if you like Oshi, why not just call him that??

skyblu Wed 21-Jan-09 12:11:51

I like Keir best...but it does sound like a 'teenage' shortening of Keiran.

Quite like Bryn, but I find the others a bit 'trying too hard'

Sorry blush

stleger Wed 21-Jan-09 12:16:12

Oisin is a boy's name. Ciaran pronounced Kier-On is lovely when said correctly.Eoin pronounced as in Owen, or even spelled Owen?

WinkyWinkola Wed 21-Jan-09 12:17:14

Not keen on any.

TotalChaos Wed 21-Jan-09 12:18:19

I like Bryn and Lucas. I think Tyrone is awful.

Gorionine Wed 21-Jan-09 12:20:30

Bryn is nice.

smurfgirl Wed 21-Jan-09 12:20:31

My DH is called Bryn, he spent his life being teasted about it or called Brian, Ryan, Byron etc and changed it to his middle name when he came to uni.

He is from Yorkshire though so that may have been part of the issue.

I like Keir and Lucas.

downanddowner Wed 21-Jan-09 12:20:34

Cyrus like Billy Ray Cyrus. Really??!!
Tyrone is ok.
Oshian (Oshi for short) is a no.
Oren pardon?
Keir nope.
Lukas is a great name!
Amies sounds like something belonging to a girl called Amie.
Bryn is ok if you are Welsh.

Fimbo Wed 21-Jan-09 12:28:00

Yep agree Cyrus makes me want to sing "achy breaky heart"

Don't like any of the rest either <<sorry>>

Lionstar Wed 21-Jan-09 12:31:10

Oh dear, I don't think I can face up to the fact that DP might just be right on this one, even Bryn is winning out!

BTW Oshian is a Welsh variant of the Irish boys name. There are a number of spellings though. It's a name I've always liked since growing up in Wales.

othersideofchannel Wed 21-Jan-09 12:40:32

I really like Tyrone, Cyrus and Bryn.

Don't mind Lukas (but VERY popular on Continent)

Don't like Oshian, Amies, Oren and Keir.

missymoo2411 Wed 21-Jan-09 13:14:08

cyrus is lovely and different isnt malaki irish i dont know the spelling my ds are finlay and riley there good name well i think so

ForeverOptimistic Wed 21-Jan-09 13:15:44

Oshian is lovely. I really don't like any of the others.

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