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Is it tacky to give your son their fathers name?

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SheWillBeLoved Sat 17-Jan-09 21:08:59

Everyone in my family seems to have done this at some point. Same with DP's. He was quite shocked to learn that I didn't automatically assume that the baby would take his name if it were a boy shock

I'm named after my mum, have a brother named after my dad, and my brothers and sisters except one have done it too. Always the boys taking the fathers name though, never girls taking their mums names. DP is also named after his dad. Seems to be sort of a family tradition but not neccessarily one I feel the need to continue.

Any opinions on this?

NotADragonOfSoup Sat 17-Jan-09 21:10:36

I don't think it's tacky but I do think it shows a lack of imagination. As a middle name it's fine, IMO, but not as a first.

DragonLowFatSpread Sat 17-Jan-09 21:11:09

not tacky.
but not necessary either.
and i personally think it's healthier for children to have their 'own' name.
middle names are for the family names i think.

noonki Sat 17-Jan-09 21:12:45

I always find it strange, as if any boy is expected to be a mini version of their dad and visaversa

and that they are not a person in their own right.

Tidey Sat 17-Jan-09 21:14:42

Never found it tacky, but rather boring and confusing, everyone having to refer to 'Big John', or 'Young John' for example... Personally, I wouldn't do it.

NotADragonOfSoup Sat 17-Jan-09 21:15:28

Or Big Dick and Little Dick [childish snigger]

SheWillBeLoved Sat 17-Jan-09 21:15:28

See these are my thoughts on it. I've always said to my mum "Why did I get your name? Just because i'm the 7th ( shock ) that's no excuse to not think of a name and just land me with yours!"

I do think it can be nice if the name is nice, but it also does get confusing constantly referring to my sisters kids/partners as 'big' and 'little' shock

freakypenguin Sat 17-Jan-09 21:15:38

yep - DH's family has the tradition that the first boy has father's name as middle name and we upheld that.

surely it would just be confusing. even if not for you, imagine the difficulty of your descendants attempting to piece together their lives in a 'who do you think you are 22nd century' style.

we get confused because the victorians insisted on doing it. i think we are duty bound to show we have learned from the victorians' mistakes.

kidcreoleandthecoconuts Sat 17-Jan-09 21:15:40

I wouldnt do it.

I know in some cultures its a given. For example in Ireland first born boys are often named after their father.

Doozle Sat 17-Jan-09 21:16:09

I think it's a nice thing to do but if you don't want to, then why should you?

Tidey Sat 17-Jan-09 21:17:23

grin NotADragonOfSoup

nappyaddict Sat 17-Jan-09 21:21:48

As a middle name fine but I think it's confusing as a first name.

Takver Sat 17-Jan-09 21:24:17

Totally the done thing in Spain, and it does get horribly confusing particularly given the tendency to family businesses (we had friends where grandad Maximo and dad Maximo worked together as electrician and strongly expected child Maximo to join them in the business - try getting the right person on the phone grin )
Even worse, we also had friends where dad was Antonio, mum Antonia, older child Antonio, uncle who worked with them on the farm also Antonio - I always felt quite sorry for their other child who was called Raquel . . .)
But on the other hand it is nice to stay with family traditions.

HearMeROaar Sat 17-Jan-09 21:25:51

I don't like it. It just seems rather arrogant for a father to name his son after himself (sorry OP's dh)

SheWillBeLoved Sat 17-Jan-09 21:28:41

Oh no HearMeROaar grin he is quite arrogant, don't apologize wink

LynetteScavo Sat 17-Jan-09 21:30:32


WE used to live next door to Big Neil and Little Neil. Except Little Neil wasn't that little anymore.

My family have done it with Edward as a middle name for a few generations.

mazzystartled Sat 17-Jan-09 21:31:04

it isn't tacky, unless the father is unaware of his offspring until he hears the name. then it's tacky.

otherwise it just seems inconvenient

Clary Sat 17-Jan-09 21:38:02

I think it can be complicated.

Dh shared an initial with his dad and his dad used to open his post (addressed to Mr W Smith y'see).

You end up with lots of "junior"s and "little"s so I think it's a bit of a pain.

Also it's very unusual to have a name that spans generations like that - I have met a lot of children but I have never come across one called by either my or DH's name.

SheWillBeLoved Sat 17-Jan-09 21:43:43

Oh Clary - incase you thought I meant that my sisters/brothers have named their children after my mum and dad - I meant their children are named after their partners blush sorry, wasn't very clear!

nappyaddict Sat 17-Jan-09 21:44:07

Clary I know someone who that happened to and their mum opened up their dildo envy It's all very well coming in plain brown packaging as they said on the website so no one would know who you had ordered from as long as you don't share an initial with your mother!

nappyaddict Sat 17-Jan-09 21:44:19

oops that was meant to be a blush

SheWillBeLoved Sat 17-Jan-09 21:44:37

And if not - well ignore that last message grin <shut up>

Clary Sat 17-Jan-09 21:51:05

shewillbeloved, no, actually your mum and dad (ie children's gps) would perhaps be OK actually, wrt names I mean.

My mother's name is very popular just now in groups of 5yos, as is my dad's (tho I am older than you I am sure).

But for a name to go down the generations - well, many people my age are called Karen, Nicola, Mark, Dave, Andy, Sarah, Tracey, Paul - all fine names but maybe sounding a bit dated in the age of Georgia and Emily, William and Finlay.

lol at dildo story NA!

lovebeingmum Sat 17-Jan-09 21:52:39

well advice on this then please - my other half's name is John Thomas (!!), so is his dad, and his dad etc. It's the tradition for the second son. I've told him not likely if we have another. Am I being mean?!

Clary Sat 17-Jan-09 21:54:14

lol at John Thomas! What are they thinking of?

Actually John kind of fits in with my "never heard for babies" category tho I do know a 4yo John.

Maybe you could go with Thomas and John as second name! Thomas very popular now but that's fine.

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