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Saffron .. Opinions please

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WindyWillows Thu 15-Jan-09 14:14:30

Do you like it?

kayzr Thu 15-Jan-09 14:16:15

I do quite like it actually.

LiffeyKidman Thu 15-Jan-09 14:17:02


Tamarto Thu 15-Jan-09 14:17:06

Ab Fab springs to mind.

LadyPinkOfPinkerton Thu 15-Jan-09 14:18:27

I love it. DH would never allow it. It does make me think of Ab Fab, but that is so long ago I don't think its a problem

seeker Thu 15-Jan-09 14:19:53

fails on 5 and 6, I reckon!

Tillyscoutsmum Thu 15-Jan-09 14:21:23

I like it but not sure about Saffi as a nn (bit too close to Saft - or is that just a Midlands thing ?)

WindyWillows Thu 15-Jan-09 14:24:14

I like your list seeker

siouxsiesiouxandthebanshees Sat 25-Jul-09 20:50:19

Windy DO NOT DO IT, she will be forever bullied and compared to Saffi (yuk the worst nick name) in AbFab. Call her something normal instead.

DebiNewberry Sat 25-Jul-09 20:52:34

My kids don't know anything about AbFab, nevermind in 5 years time, so doubt whether it will be a prob in the playground.

I think it's pretty.

lollyheart Sat 25-Jul-09 20:55:52

My dn is called saffron, saff for short.

I think it is a lovely

Sparkler Sat 25-Jul-09 20:56:55

I think it's lovely

Caro1302 Sat 25-Jul-09 21:02:01

I love it. Babies born now won't have any recollection of Ab Fab so I reckon you'd be fine.

siouxsiesiouxandthebanshees Sat 25-Jul-09 21:03:07

I know a Saffron in her thirty's who has been made miserable by her name.

margotandjerry Sun 26-Jul-09 07:38:31

I don't think bullying because of AbFab will be an issue, for the above reasons, and, siouxie, I think it is one of the most normal names out there! It was on the top of my baby list in the late eighties/early nineties, but it's problaby due a revival after the abfab associations. If it were't quite so late eighties in a similar vein to Amber(the Yasmin and Simon Le Bon used it for their second dd, their first was Amber Rose - sad I know this of course) I would use it myself as it is essentially a lovely name - with a very pretty meaning, a fragrant spice with a glorious golden colour.

GrendelsMum Sun 26-Jul-09 09:51:57

I love it! And then you could all move to Saffron Walden in Essex...

oliviasmama Sun 26-Jul-09 09:55:29

very pretty

lljkk Sun 26-Jul-09 10:29:13

DS has a Saffron in his year group (they just finished Yr4); we tease him constantly about having a crush on her because once DH noticed DS blushing when she greeted him in public.
She's one of the most popular girls in the year, very magnificent looking (like both her parents).
I never thought of the AbFab link before blush.

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