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ok, I understand when people say 'I need names that go with x ' or 'names that are flowers' etc, but I dont get it when people post 'do you like this name'

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princessmel Wed 14-Jan-09 12:50:06

Surely if you and your partner like it that's all that matters???

Does it matter if someone thinks it's chavvy or reminds them of a cartoon character?

Oh and I get the bit that some people like to post things cos they're lonely, bored , want to chat etc. I totally get that.

But the poeple who are not one of the above( or similar) I dont see why they are interestd if people hate their choice of name.
Some of my choices are not popluar with friends/family but I think so what.

Thats all....

Luxmum Wed 14-Jan-09 13:01:51

Um, well I really think it's in MOST cases a way of checking that you hadn't inadvertantly chosen a name which when abbreviated or attached to your surname, sounds stupid, or which rhymes oddly, or which, yes, most people associate with a cartoon or something which the child will get teased. Parental choice is all ok, but not to the detriment of the child, because you have chosen some name which is easily picked upon in the playground. Or which sounds stupid when shouted accross a playground. So, that's why really. Plus, people have opinions, and what are opinions worth if they are not shared.

princessmel Wed 14-Jan-09 13:06:24

ok ,other peoples opinions are allowed wink

And I suppose someone may have forgotten about a prticularly annoying tv character.


Bubbaluv Wed 14-Jan-09 13:08:13

Beacuse I'm not ego-centric enough to think that my opinion of a name is all that matters. The child in question is going to be lumbered with it for life and if it sucks (in most people's opinion) then it doesn't matter how much Mummy loves it!
Names are incredibly powerful and understanding the general perceptions around the names your are considering is very helpful IMHO.

Lemontart Wed 14-Jan-09 13:08:38

I am not pregnant, happy with my children’s names and not intending to have any more right now - I still love the name threads.

Personally I find it fascinating reading all the different wildly opposing views and even heated discussions about something as seemingly innocent as a child’s name.
Choosing a name for your child is a lot more than just finding something that "goes" with your surname, all sorts of emotional baggage, hopes and fears for your child are tied up in the choice. Intriguing how different regions, classes possibly, upbringing, life experiences all play a part in our opinions and decisions. What is there not to "get"? These threads are adddictive grin

princessmel Wed 14-Jan-09 13:12:28

Lemontart I like reading them. Just wondered if people really dont choose a name they love because of what people tell them on here.

And not things like 'it means sewer in xyz language' but if they say it's common or similar.

boogeek Wed 14-Jan-09 13:18:31

I don't get the ones that want a name to "go with" their other children's names. I understand it has to sound ok with your surname, and I suppose you probably wouldn't want Darren Karen and Sharon (but you'd notice that yourself?) - but I can't say I considered whether my two sounded nice together or not.

sophiesmummie Wed 14-Jan-09 13:43:24

What I don't get is when people talk about names being 'posh' or chavvy.

Surely it is a PERSON and not a NAME that is posh or chavvy (if such a thing exists at all anyway).

Ok, people may have met a posh or chavvy person with a particular name and therefore associate it as being such, but any new baby/person should be judged with an open mind - in other words let people decide whether they consider Meadow/Dylan or Rupert/Tarquin chavvy or posh.

But overall I agree with the op that noone should seriously rule out a name they love just because some random anonymous mumsnetters comment on a name!

Bubbaluv Wed 14-Jan-09 17:43:50

But SophiesMummy, Chardonay would get a really tough time at a posh boarding school and Tarquin would get beaten up on a tough estate.
There's no point pretending that names don't carry social/class baggage - they do.
These threads are great for finding out if there is a widely held association attached to a name that you are unaware of.
People here give you honest opinions that most people would be far to polite to express in RL, and point out the issues your child may face when faced with a class full of 8 year olds who feel no such concern for feelings.
Better to hear it first I say. You can choose to ignore the opinions expressed if you are still happy with the name.

Scotia Wed 14-Jan-09 17:58:42

I posted a thread asking what people think of our chosen name for ds2 (due today but no signs he wants to come out yet!) because I wanted to be sure it wasn't a name others would laugh and sneer at.

Sesi Wed 14-Jan-09 18:02:45

I agree Bubbaluv. I started a thread on the name Berenice a few days ago, I was really shocked that 90% of the replies thought it was chavvy and cheap. When I was thinking it was regal and classic.

Ultimately it's my choice, but finding out what the widely held association is - very interesting.

noonki Wed 14-Jan-09 18:11:12

It may be your choice as a parent, but it is your DC that has to live with that choice for their whole lives.

So checking that people wont roll about on the floor when it gets shouted out at the doctors in 20 years time is a good idea!

Bubbaluv Wed 14-Jan-09 19:11:59

Sesi, I'm v surprised at the reaction to Bernice! I guess that's the point though.
I have a couple of names that I love becuase I have loved ones with that name, and it makes it vry hard for me to be objective about them, so I'll be on here soon getting an outside opinion or 2!

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