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Does anyone spell or say your child's name wrong?

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MumofBaby Tue 30-Dec-08 12:13:47

What is your child called, and what do they GET called?

Everyone spells DS's name wrong, but it is spelt a few different ways so I can forgive it.

belgo Tue 30-Dec-08 12:14:37

so what's you ds's name?smile

12StoneNeedsToBe10 Tue 30-Dec-08 12:14:55

In the doctors' once, DS got called out by the girl's version of his name. He wasn't impressed!!

goldFAQinsenceandmyrrh Tue 30-Dec-08 12:15:44

DS2's Godmother turn up at Christmas with a present for each of them. She'd written DS2's name wrongly (which DS2 pointed out to her blush) and had written "baby" (he's 19 months old and doesn't really act like a baby anymore, let along look like one LOL) on DS3's.

She said to me "I didn't know how to spell TK"..........

ermm - it's "T" "K" (not his "proper" name but what everyone knows him by, and most of the congratulations on the birth of your baby cards had TK in, and Christening cards mostly contained that too)

jollyoldstnickschick Tue 30-Dec-08 12:17:40

my ds3 is known as the matthew with 2 t's

MumofBaby Tue 30-Dec-08 12:17:59


There's a lot about round here at the moment. Some are Kaeden, some are Kayden, Some are Caden, Some are Kaden, some are Kaiden.

Zebraa Tue 30-Dec-08 12:18:52

My DS is called Charlie and everyone calls him Charles!

jingleMAMADIVAsbells Tue 30-Dec-08 12:20:56

My son has a pretty normal name so can't be spelt wrong or pronounced wrong.

But my name is Stacy and OMG in the 22 years I've been alive I think it's been spelt right about 20 times by strangers! angry Does my head in and I also think I've spent most of my life being called bloomin Tracey, even my family have ben known to do it from time to time hmm

And my 2nd name is a PITA too so often get asked how to spell both and pronounce the last I am just unlucky think

sweetkitty Tue 30-Dec-08 12:24:24

DD2 is Talia she gets Tahlia and Thalia sometimes.

Most people can pronounce it correctly Tah-LEE-ah apart from my Dad who still calls her Tal-YAR and she is almost 3, I let it go at Christmas but on her birthday I am going to say Dad listen she's is 3 now can you make an effort to say her name properly it's not that difficult repeat after me Tah-LEE-ah.

Thank goodness none of them have Gaelic names.

MumofBaby Tue 30-Dec-08 12:31:09

By the way, I'm trying for a baby soon, and I'm using this thread as inspiration for names, but also judging tricky names.

Love Talia. And Malia.

shanks313 Tue 30-Dec-08 12:35:16

We have Miley and people often call her Millie.

Pinkjennybellrock Tue 30-Dec-08 12:36:42

Dd is called Alexa, and gets Alexia, Alexis and Alexi.

It drives me completely insane. Grrrr.

PaddingtonBore Tue 30-Dec-08 12:38:18

lots of people mis-spell DD's name, though no-one mispronounces it.

Her name is very old, and has only one spelling, but it is not the easiest to guess if you've not seen it written down.

bronze Tue 30-Dec-08 12:39:18

jollyoldstnickschick Matthew should have two ts shouldnt it?

My daughter is Nia which is a perfectly respectable welsh name. shame I live in Enlgand as shes always being called Mia even by people who have seen it written down.

eandh Tue 30-Dec-08 13:01:03

dd2 is Hattie except this year (strangely not last year though) we have had lots of Hatty in xmas cards and the vicar (grrr because he is local vicar who married us, christened dd1 and basically knows us) pronounced her name as hate - ee at her christening and forgot to mention her middle name (it was important to me as its Alice which was dh grandmother and she had been very poorly but made the c hristening sadly she died a few weeks ago)

annemarie30 Tue 30-Dec-08 13:07:39

DD gets called Casey..her name is hard is it to get it right? angry

Bubbaloo Tue 30-Dec-08 13:08:27

Ds2 is Ethan and on every pressie this year from my mum,she had spelt is Eathan!

sweetkitty Tue 30-Dec-08 13:27:49

DD1 got Abbey, Abbi, Abi, Abby as well as the correct Abbie

DD3 got one Bethaney never seen it spelt like that before.

I think it's terrible you send cards to these people with your DC names on them, if you are unsure of the spelling check the card or ask the person.

Also had one card with DD2 missed off and one with DD3 missed off.

missymoo2411 Tue 30-Dec-08 13:31:45

fearne gets fern

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Tue 30-Dec-08 13:38:38

Bryonie-Rae has been called Rhiannon, Brownyn, Brianna <the dance school phoned DH to tell him Brianna had an extra practise he told the they had the wring number> Brinley and Briney.

It gets spelled Briany, Bryony, Brieny, Breany.

I guess if we were welsh it would be easier for people to grasp. I live in a fairly common town where there are lots of Rhiannons and Briannas but only two Bryonies.

BuwchBywiog Tue 30-Dec-08 13:50:00

I've got an Emyr that is mispronounced all the time!

Squirdle Tue 30-Dec-08 14:38:49

I have Caleb who people often spell wrong or mispronounce! I fnd it daft as it is actually pronounced and spelt the way it sounds and looks! The oddest spelling we have had is from DH's friend who spelt it Kailib. We went to his house for dinner last night and ds very kindly spelt it on his fridge with magnets so that DH's friend would remember how to spell it grin Caleb often gets pronounced Calem (there is a 'b' at the end!!) and people always say 'Calub' It's Caleb! If DS3 can pronounce it properly at just 4, then why can't others! DS3 is Dylan who often has his name spelt 'Dillon'

I am a one for liking unusual, yet proper names but like them to be spelt correctly (not Caleb with a K as DH told everyone when he was born [angry)

DS1 is Alex, we haven't had a problem with his name!

Nearly everyone spells DD name wrong - they spell it the traditional way.

After numerous times of telling people, they still spell it wrong grrr

sarah293 Tue 30-Dec-08 14:50:36

Message withdrawn

thisisyesterday Tue 30-Dec-08 14:53:37

we have a Gabriel who regularly gets called Gabrielle. people spell it Gabrielle too.

i don't get it at all.
they know he is a boy. why would he be called Gabrielle???
I have one friend who claims she has never come across the name. which i find hard to believe... i mean surely most people of our age have seen a bloody nativity?

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