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Eve Elizabeth - what do you think?

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DBXmum Wed 24-Dec-08 08:24:23

Elizabeth is a family name and I just love Eve. Is it too 'of the moment'?

Anna8888 Wed 24-Dec-08 08:29:29

Yes smile. I think Eve, Eva, Ava, Evie are all far too "now" (however pretty). I'm not sure it's brilliant combined with Elizabeth either - the alliteration is a little OTT.

Elizabeth/Elisabeth is a lovely second name (it's my DD's second name).

Any other ideas?

DBXmum Wed 24-Dec-08 08:34:07

Our other daughters are Rosie Jane and Emily May.... Help?

NomDePlume Wed 24-Dec-08 08:40:57

I think it's a lovely choice.

Eve is classic

Amani Wed 24-Dec-08 08:42:08

How about Elizabeth Evie, Elizabeth Eve - I like the sound of them smile

ScummyMummy Wed 24-Dec-08 09:06:58

I agree with NdP- think Eve is classic too.

I agree Evie and Ava are more 'of the moment', if that matters. I like both but had never come across them on a rl person before about 5 years ago.

BikeRunSki Wed 24-Dec-08 09:16:56

Eve and its derivatives may be quite trendy at the moment, but it is also a longstanding classic name. My granny was Evelyn and she was born in 1920! Woudl have been on my list if DS had been a girl, except would have been daft with DH's name.

skyblu Wed 24-Dec-08 09:23:28

I actually think either Eve Elizabeth or Elizabeth Eve are both quite nice.

To go with Rosie Jane and Emily May, also how about:

Elizabeth Anne
Faye Elizabeth
Charlotte Elizabeth
Daisy Elizabeth
Caroline Elizabeth
Hannah Elizabeth

DaisyMooSteiner Wed 24-Dec-08 09:26:24

I know a baby called exactly that smile

audley Wed 24-Dec-08 12:26:14

Katherine Eve
Elizabeth Grace

LedodgyChristmasjumper Wed 24-Dec-08 12:27:04

I agree Eve is classic, I have an Eve. smile

bananapaddlepop Wed 24-Dec-08 12:30:42

I have an Ella Elizabeth, so I think Eve Elizabeth sounds lovely.

sjcmum Wed 24-Dec-08 13:49:30

It's a lovely name - and I wouldn't worry about being of the moment - I was called Sarah in the 70s and have always been surrounded by hundreds of other Sarahs but didn't really bother me. Only thing I would say is would you want two daughters with the same initial? I had a friend at uni and her and her two sisters were all something beginning with S and it really annoyed her - cos for example if something came addressed to Miss S. xxxx then they wouldn't know who it was for. A small point.... but worth thinking about.

wotuhohohoinat Wed 24-Dec-08 13:55:29

I think it's lovely. Eve is very pretty and Elizabeth is classic and timeless. However, I wouldn't do it if your surname being with L because of the initials.

PlonkerTeatowelOnTheirHeads Wed 24-Dec-08 13:57:09

I think its beautiful! ...and I love Elizabeth Eve too!

BoyMeetsWorld Wed 24-Dec-08 14:48:30

Eve Elizabeth is sweet!

Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa Wed 24-Dec-08 15:06:59

My DD2 is Eve Rose, we don't know any other Eves. DH's Nana is Edith, DD was going to be Edie, but it just wasn't quite right and so we got to Eve. It is a beautiful name!!

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