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What do you think of Sally?

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mickeymistletoe Thu 18-Dec-08 08:46:21

DS is Billy. Do you think Sally goes with his name? if not any other suggestions welcome!

ReinDIORdroppings Thu 18-Dec-08 08:47:05

Message withdrawn

Astrophe Thu 18-Dec-08 08:52:08

I like Sally, its cute for a baby and pretty for a girl/woman. Also not many around, which is nice.

Another alternative; Samantha - could be nicknamed Sammy?

Lemontart Thu 18-Dec-08 08:57:25

I have a lovely relative called Sally which colours my opinion of it - cute, little bit different yet easy to spell

ladymariner Thu 18-Dec-08 08:58:00

Sorry, don't like it. It makes me think of Aunt Sally, and a friends dog is called sally.

mickeymistletoe Thu 18-Dec-08 09:00:14

One of my closest friends is actually called Sally and DH doesnt think we should copy. i dont think she would mind though!

Anna8888 Thu 18-Dec-08 09:02:31

I love it smile

One of my father's sisters is called Sallie (nickname for Sarah). And one of his brothers is called Bill (nickname for Cecil William).

mickeymistletoe Thu 18-Dec-08 09:03:40

My sister has a DD named molly and is constantly told "oh my dogs called molly". it would'nt really bother me - i would just say nice name!

Mung Thu 18-Dec-08 09:04:33

I like Sally. Not sure it goes with Billy though...sounds a bit odd.

Anna8888 Thu 18-Dec-08 09:04:44

I had a great aunt called Mollie (nickname for Monica) and I have a second cousin called after her...

belgo Thu 18-Dec-08 09:05:36

Sally's nice, but it sounds silly with Billy.

ggirlsbells Thu 18-Dec-08 09:06:37

too cbebbie-like when put with billy imo

sally is nice though

billy and katy

ggirlsbells Thu 18-Dec-08 09:07:51

I know someone with a Millie and Maddie and that sounds stupid as well.

Botbot Thu 18-Dec-08 09:08:37

Sally deserves a comeback - it's a sweet name. And one of my best friends is one, so I'm biased.

Doesn't go with Billy though.

bloss Thu 18-Dec-08 09:08:50

Message withdrawn

ggirlsbells Thu 18-Dec-08 09:08:53

Billy and Rose
Billy and Lilly wink
Billy and Clare

mickeymistletoe Thu 18-Dec-08 09:08:54

what do you think would go with Billy then? i'm open to suggestions. i would like something short as we have a very long surname.

Anna8888 Thu 18-Dec-08 09:09:43

Is Billy a nickname for William, or is the name on his birth certificate Billy?

mazzystartled Thu 18-Dec-08 09:09:54

it's great

i don't really understand why people worry about names "going together". it's fine with billy

mickeymistletoe Thu 18-Dec-08 09:09:59

Lol at Billy and Lilly! smile

ladymariner Thu 18-Dec-08 09:10:44


ggirlsbells Thu 18-Dec-08 09:10:48


Anna8888 Thu 18-Dec-08 09:11:21


ggirlsbells Thu 18-Dec-08 09:11:23

oh yes Lucy is a good one

mickeymistletoe Thu 18-Dec-08 09:12:30

yes he is Billy Jack on his birth certificate. i wanted a little old man name and he really suits it! wow, your family have great names Anna8888!

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