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A brother for Daniel

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mavornia Tue 18-Nov-08 22:28:05

Found out today that I'm expecting second baby and already mulling over names

dh is not very indulgent so I thought I'd come on here grin

ds1 is daniel (though I still think he looks more like an Oliver - pics on profile - but it's a long and convoluted tale as to why we went with Daniel)

we decided ages ago that another son would be Roman but I not sure about it (dh is refusing to budge at the moment and I don't want to feel pressured into Roman even though it was me that first suggested it)

other names I like are:

thoughts on Roman and any other idea gratefully received

ps - I might be popping up here a lot between now and July!

saggyhairyarse Tue 18-Nov-08 22:46:20

I like James and Oliver.

Roman is just not my cup of tea and I don't see it as 'going' with Daniel but I reckon having a shortlist and chosing when baby arrives is usually the best option.

thumbwitch Tue 18-Nov-08 23:00:34

not keen on Roman either and also don't think it really goes with Daniel.

i like your other choices though (maybe not Andreas - why not Andrew?)

BarcodeZebra Tue 18-Nov-08 23:01:44


Just kidding.

Lockets Tue 18-Nov-08 23:02:31

Message withdrawn

ScummyMummy Tue 18-Nov-08 23:02:53


Fimbo Tue 18-Nov-08 23:02:58

Roman doesn't sit well with Daniel.

Daniel & Oliver

Daniel & Nathan

Daniel & Jamie

Daniel & Myles

thumbwitch Tue 18-Nov-08 23:06:24

lol at barcodezebra grin

NorthernLurker Tue 18-Nov-08 23:06:54

Do you shorten Daniel to Dan 'cos if so I think you need a name for the new baby that will shorten

Daniel and Benjamin or Benedict - Dan & Ben
Daniel and William - Dan and Will

cthea Tue 18-Nov-08 23:11:04


I like Roman.

Daniel is quite sweet, so I think you'd need a similarly "feminine" name (meant v nicely, we considered Daniel too). Louis, Oliver?

mavornia Tue 18-Nov-08 23:23:19

Thanks everyone

Although the names don't have to "match" as it were, my worry is that Daniel and Roman don't sit that well together

love Jude but surname is George - Jude George is too much of a tongue-twister (think I might just get away with James George but dh doesn't think it flows very well)

We haven't shortened Daniel so far (though when he's older he might prefer Dan)

Cassius is gorgeous - but we live in Egypt and dh reckons it would be too hard for the locals

also love Patrick, especially as I'm Irish, but in Arabic "p" i pronounced as "b" which puts me off a bit

'tis a tricky one this...

Oliver, Will and Benjamin all good ideas so far

mavornia Tue 18-Nov-08 23:28:24

also, andreas was on the list rather than Andrew because I have a tendency towards ponce which is normally kept firmly in check but occaionally rears its ugly head (Bede was on my list for ds1 grin as a case in point

however, Andreas is how Andrew is pronounced in Irish so I could get away with it on that score

Tommy Tue 18-Nov-08 23:39:08

we have a Daniel and liked the fact that he could be Daniel/Danny/Dan

DS2 has a similiar Thomas/Tommy/Tom

Ds2 - we completely forgot about that plan and has a name that can't be shortened hmm

I like the more "traditional" names rather than Roman although there are lots of Olivers about at the moment

clairebear88 Wed 19-Nov-08 11:00:39


I love quite traditional names and Daniel is great. I think the following flows with Daniel


I dont particularly like Roman btw

gladders Wed 19-Nov-08 11:47:12

If we ever have a ds2 he would be Daniel or George.... ds1 is Matthew and I think they go really well...

LouMacca Wed 19-Nov-08 11:49:07

agree with scummy mummy.

I have a Daniel. If my daugher had been a boy she would have been Joseph. Think Oliver, Thomas and Harry would be nice too. Love Samuel but Daniel and Samuel doesn't really roll of the tongue smile

Sorry don't think Roman sits right with Daniel.

My friends SIL has two boys called George and Kyle. I just don't get it!

elkiedee Wed 19-Nov-08 11:58:31

Looking with interest as my ds1 is also a Daniel/Danny and we're expecting another little boy, though I think we have different tastes in names.

I have cousins Dan and Ben (they're brothers).

percent Wed 19-Nov-08 12:19:43

My youngest boy is Daniel. My other two sons are Luke and Michael.

BlueChampagne Wed 19-Nov-08 13:30:30

I like Roman, but how about being a bit lateral about it and calling him Marcus, Julius, or Hadrian - something suitably imperial?

herbietea Wed 19-Nov-08 13:35:55

Message withdrawn

annasophia Wed 19-Nov-08 13:59:33

My nephews are called Daniel and Quentin.

e14mum Wed 19-Nov-08 15:17:34

I know 2 sets of brothers who are

Daniel and Joel

(one set are my BILs)

mavornia Wed 19-Nov-08 17:58:55

I'm thinking of striking Roman off the list... don't know why i was so insistent about it in the first place

Luke is very nice. also like luca

Marcus, Julius and Hadrian all appeal to me (see above about my poncey side grin but there's no way I'd ever get them past dh

love joel/jude etc but they don't go well with surname "george"

at the minute list includes oliver, henry, william, luke

lizandlulu Wed 19-Nov-08 18:16:42

i love roman
also like lukas, rene and billy.

meandmyjoe Wed 19-Nov-08 19:48:19

I second Joseph but maybe I'm biased! Love the name Benjamin too, I think it goes nicely with Daniel.

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