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Alfred- alfie or freddie

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spotty26 Mon 17-Nov-08 17:30:30

Our prospective boy's name is Alfred.

Would you see how it goes or say to people to be known as Freddie or Alfie?

Do you prefer Alfie or Freddie? I know both are quite popular...but we like them.

Our other boy's names are Albert and Thedore. DH is kind of stuck on Alfred though so the others are not real contenders.

DS1 is Hugh.

Ta ladies

annasmami Mon 17-Nov-08 18:37:19

I would wait what people or ds say. Alfred isn't that long so it does not need to be shortened. Its a nice name as it is.

I think Alfie would be a more obvious nickname for Alfred. Freddie would be a short form for Frederick imo. But both would work.

nooka Mon 17-Nov-08 18:46:17

Fab name. Alfie is the usual shortening, I've not heard any Alfreds called Freddie, although I'm sure you could use it if you liked. Or you can use the long form, or Alf, or Fred. Good to be named after the only English king ever called the Great (even though his cooking wasn't the best).

clairebear88 Mon 24-Nov-08 14:58:22


I think Alfred is better than Theodore or Albert.
I like Alfie but much prefer Freddie, defo on my fave list

Hulababy Mon 24-Nov-08 15:04:16


NuttyTaff Mon 24-Nov-08 15:17:23

Message withdrawn

piscesmoon Mon 24-Nov-08 15:21:50

I don't like either.

mrswoolf Mon 24-Nov-08 19:06:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mickeylou Tue 25-Nov-08 16:51:59

definately Alfie

Lilyloo Tue 25-Nov-08 16:56:15

Alfie dd 11mths was going to be called that!

chloemegjess Fri 28-Nov-08 22:18:34

Alfie, definatly

wombleprincess Mon 01-Dec-08 14:39:19

if you are going to give them a short name (even though neither alfie nor freddie are that short!) why bother with alfred?

colnelcustard Mon 01-Dec-08 18:42:42

My son is Alfred shortened to Alfie.

Though lately, we have started shortening it to Alf. He quite likes it!

AtheneNoctua Mon 01-Dec-08 19:16:41

I personally prefer Alfie.


In DS' nursery class of 26 childred there are 3 Freddie's. Name of the year I guess.

AtheneNoctua Mon 01-Dec-08 19:17:17

shock I meant "Freddies"

RachieB Mon 01-Dec-08 20:10:16


spotty26 Wed 03-Dec-08 17:46:15

This place is funny, even though in my opening post I said we love Alfred but which shortening you get the response "don't like either". Hey ho, life's rich tapestry and all.

Re, giving him the long name, I personally like the fact that if we call him Alfred, he has loads of options, regardless of what shortening he ends up getting called.

I also like Alfred as a name but know that we will inevitably want to shorten it so am thinking ahead.

Al, Alf, Alfie, Freddie are all options but I was just wondering about popularity etc. I know a few years ago due to Alfie Moon in Eastenders there was a spike in popularity. I am not a massive fan of having a really over popular name so the fact there might be 3 Freddie's in a class might make me lean to Alfie.

Thanks for all the responses.

tiredemma Wed 03-Dec-08 17:48:34

I have an Alfie.

If I was ever mad enough to pro-create I and had aother boy I would consider Freddie

nappyaddict Fri 05-Dec-08 13:59:22

Definitely Freddie. Alfie is much more common.

belgo Fri 05-Dec-08 14:00:31

or even Eddie

nappyaddict Fri 05-Dec-08 14:01:47

spotty - alf and fred are much less common than alfie or freddie so maybe go for those instead?

Helium Fri 05-Dec-08 20:35:38

Another vote for Freedie - love Alfred and Albert as names. (Al..?)

GrapeJelly Sat 06-Dec-08 19:34:30

Both are nice but slightly prefer Alfie- it sounds cheeky and cute.

socialpariah Sat 06-Dec-08 19:39:27

I have an Alfie who is Alf for short and Alfred when I am cross with him.........!

Cies Sat 06-Dec-08 19:58:00

I'd go with Alfie.

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