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What is the most unusal name you have ever heard? Boy or Girl...

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AliBean Sun 16-Nov-08 18:50:45

I have a VERY unusual name. In fact its so unusual that if I told you and you googled it the only thing that would come up would be my Facebook profile (I tried as I may need to post incognito one day I can't tell you.

Anyway despite not being paricularly thrilled with my name when I was a teenager, I love it now and would love to name forthcoming DC's with something unusual.

What are the most unusual names you have heard of for both sexes???

donnie Sun 16-Nov-08 18:56:42


mercedes eyeball

moon unit

isis maresty

do you really want me to continue?

Fiveplusbump Sun 16-Nov-08 18:58:02

Barring celeb names that I have read about the most unusual one is Lavender it suits her though .

AliBean Sun 16-Nov-08 18:58:14

Hmmmm I think perhaps unusual names that are not utterly mad!!

littlelamb Sun 16-Nov-08 19:04:20

I know a Valhalla, known as Halli. Really suits her but quite odd sounding at first

AliBean Sun 16-Nov-08 19:15:24

That is more like it...any boys names?

eekamoose Sun 16-Nov-08 19:17:55

Pils' neighbour is called Ochre.


Lockets Sun 16-Nov-08 19:18:45

Message withdrawn

Cadelaide Sun 16-Nov-08 19:19:09


mumof2andabit Sun 16-Nov-08 19:30:36

My ds is called Barrett - we always get oh how unusual.

CoolYourJets Sun 16-Nov-08 19:34:30

hmmm Alibean. You aren't named after an australian poet and a grandfather are you?

Cos I just googled the most unusual girls name I know and all that came up was her wedding pics and her facebook.....

noonki Sun 16-Nov-08 19:34:47

ohhh ochre was always the paint we called poo colour when we were little.

mummyplonk Sun 16-Nov-08 19:35:07

met a man called Roman Trojan once...I thought he was joking blush

queenofpuddings Sun 16-Nov-08 19:42:56

clement, sienna and d'arcy

AliBean Sun 16-Nov-08 20:25:15

Is Sienna still considered unusual these days with Ms Miller in the public eye?

AliBean Sun 16-Nov-08 20:27:16

CoolYourJets - Noooo not as far as I know!! But you see unless you know me in RL you wouldn't think of my name as (in the immortal words tigger...) I'mmmmm the only one!!

Hulababy Sun 16-Nov-08 20:32:13

I had a male client called Zillion

CoolYourJets Sun 16-Nov-08 20:32:14

In that case
Marza-Jedda girl at school.

RachieB Sun 16-Nov-08 20:40:46

Sienna and Darcey are not unusual are they ? i know of at least 4 !

PeachyAndTheSucklingBas Sun 16-Nov-08 20:43:45

I know a strawberry

maretta Sun 16-Nov-08 20:43:47


So awful, makes me think of tractors. Hope this isn't your name.

MadamAnt Sun 16-Nov-08 21:07:56

My DS is Geronimo (Ronnie for short)

hopperdee Sun 16-Nov-08 21:36:19

Thogdin, his dad made it up

AliBean Sun 16-Nov-08 21:37:25

No no tractor related names here...

Perhaps I should re-title this tread and ask what unusual names do you like (and would use if you could)??

whomovedmychocolate Sun 16-Nov-08 21:39:25

I know a Fabulousa - female. hmm

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