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Alfie - what can it be short for please help

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QueenFee Wed 12-Nov-08 19:26:27

After going through numerous name books DH and I have finally agreed on 1 and only 1 boys name we both like which is Alfie. However I would prefer to give him a full name rather than just the shortened version but I dislike Alfred. What else could Alfie be short for? If not the Alfie goes on the birth cert if its a boy!

chequersandchess Wed 12-Nov-08 19:27:15


wilbur Wed 12-Nov-08 19:27:52


No seriously, I can't really think of anything, but then I love Alfred - dd would have been Alfred / Alfie if she had been a boy.

Donk Wed 12-Nov-08 19:40:11


hullygully Wed 12-Nov-08 19:41:07


MarkStretch Wed 12-Nov-08 19:41:10

Why not just Alf?

kekouan Wed 12-Nov-08 19:41:58



hullygully Wed 12-Nov-08 19:44:20


girlandboy Wed 12-Nov-08 19:44:55


LuLuBai Wed 12-Nov-08 19:51:16

LOL at hullygully!

Alfric (oh! Donk already suggested it AND knew how to spell it correctly)

<LuLuBai scuttles off with tail between legs>

kekouan Wed 12-Nov-08 19:54:02


LuLuBai Wed 12-Nov-08 20:00:28

It's not quite the same but I really like Aubrey.

MrsMopple Wed 12-Nov-08 20:05:53


MrsMopple Wed 12-Nov-08 20:06:30

Ooops! Didn't read your OP properly, sorry!

onebatmother Wed 12-Nov-08 20:16:15

Aelfric, Alfric, Alphonse, Alfonso, Alfredo. Alfapoundatuppenyrice.

<disclaimer: one of these is not true>

I like Alf, too.

QueenFee Wed 12-Nov-08 22:17:41

lol with dh at alfapound!
I have to say none of the above are feeling right to me. He can just shorten it to Alf when he becomes a high court judge or if he feels its too childish. Personally I dont see it as mattering but it would be nice to give him the choice!

janmoomoo Wed 12-Nov-08 22:30:00

If you want to call him Alfie, and will always call him so, just name him Alfie and done worry about the long version.

Pinkchampagne Wed 12-Nov-08 22:36:42

I have an Alfie who is just Alfie

sleepycatonabroomstick Wed 12-Nov-08 22:42:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pinkchampagne Wed 12-Nov-08 22:46:58

Must say, even though my DS is just an Alfie, I do find myself shouting "Alfred!", when he is up to no good!

QueenFee Wed 12-Nov-08 22:55:51

I have a habit of full nameing my 2 when they are terrrorising me!
Just can't get my head round Alfred I just get an image of a really old haggard man - funny how whe have pre conceived ideas about names isn't it.
Do you think Alfie goes better with Cerys (DD) and Finlay (DS) anyway?

StudentMadwife Wed 12-Nov-08 23:28:54

i have an alfie whos just alfie, lovely name wink

nappyaddict Wed 12-Nov-08 23:35:50

Alfredo, Alfonso, Alphonse

StubbleOnChin Wed 12-Nov-08 23:52:26

Imagine Alfred as a young name, in the school yard, being teased in a jokular manner (as all kids do) then imagine the grandkids saying "Grandad", response "nah call me Alfie". imo it has a youthfullness to it. Trust me, "call me Ernest Ernie". No! spooky enough for me, even without the milk-cart. [btw drinking dregs of Sauvignon]

Ivvvvyygootscaaared444 Wed 12-Nov-08 23:53:55

My uncle Bill was Alfred

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