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What initials shouldn't be used?

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CuppaTeaJanice Sun 09-Nov-08 12:16:42

There's plenty of initials that are generally thought of as a no-no - CUM, COK, KKK, FUK, TIT etc., etc.....

...but what about the following.....

Toilet-themed, eg. BOG, LAV, WC etc?

Political, eg. BNP?

Animals, eg. PIG, COW, HOG etc?

Other body parts, eg. BUM?

Would any of the above initials put you off choosing a name that you love for your DC? And what other initials would you avoid? smile

BONKERZ Sun 09-Nov-08 12:17:55

my initials before getting married were SLEEP

TinTerNetTigger Sun 09-Nov-08 12:18:49

Wanted to call my son Brandon James, but the initals BJ changed my mind!!! had to fit another name inbetween

themildmanneredsnotmonster Sun 09-Nov-08 12:19:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TinTerNetTigger Sun 09-Nov-08 12:20:27

Although my daughter is P.E.A hmm

dizzydixies Sun 09-Nov-08 12:47:19


although DD2 is ARCD which said quickly sounds like arsed grinblush

findtheriver Sun 09-Nov-08 13:33:54

TinTerNet - we had friends whose son had Christian names beginning with B and J and they actually called him BJ as a nickname! DH and I used to piss ourselves (silently off course)

StayFrosty Sun 09-Nov-08 13:40:23

ARSE or VD; also things like DDT and ICI and PND that are well known acronyms, tho not necessarily bum or sex related. What about PMSL? ROFL.

Olihan Sun 09-Nov-08 13:49:26

DH was desperate to call out ds Timothy William Anthony

Our surname begins with T.......

StayFrosty Sun 09-Nov-08 13:50:39

Your dh is a cruel cruel man Olihan. grin

Olihan Sun 09-Nov-08 13:51:58

Stephen Henry Ian was another suggestion.

I put my foot down at Cynthia Ursula Natasha grin.

dizzydixies Sun 09-Nov-08 14:18:28

I LOVED the name Violet but just couldn't bring myself to do it as our surname begins with a D sad

pmsl Olihan grin

I'll always remmeber my friend coming into school one day and annoucning her mum had her baby girl and what she was called. She couldn't understand me rolling around with laughter till I pointed out the baby's initials spelled GOB! They were a lovely family but yes by their own admission they were a loud family. The next day she told me her mum had swapped the first names around. Still makes me smile

My cousin was going to be SAD but my grandfather said that was too horrible for a small baby so an extra name was added.

HeadFairy Sun 09-Nov-08 16:14:07

I always used to chuckle at my friend who had her initials ET embroidered on her pe kit at school... but it was the early 80s and I was young wink

LaDiDaDi Sun 09-Nov-08 17:27:03

We actively avoided LEG and CIG when naming dd.

We got LIG instead.

2Helenback Sun 09-Nov-08 19:42:56

If I'd been a boy I'd have spelled R A T.

I teach a VD, but oddly no kid ever mentions it. Maybe STI would be worse now?

Dh initials are RC, and he is quite arsey.

2Helenback Sun 09-Nov-08 19:42:58

If I'd been a boy I'd have spelled R A T.

I teach a VD, but oddly no kid ever mentions it. Maybe STI would be worse now?

Dh initials are RC, and he is quite arsey.

2Helenback Sun 09-Nov-08 19:43:32

Bum, clicked twice. Curse this slow boadband connection.

QwertyQueen Sun 09-Nov-08 19:45:52

my DH's initials are PMS!

about right. grin

kittenloren Sun 09-Nov-08 20:18:48

My friend's ex is an S.T.D. You'd think his mother would have cottoned on and added an extra middle name, especially as she's a V.D. herself.

LunarSea Sun 09-Nov-08 20:23:27

dh is R.A.W.

babysoon1 Mon 10-Nov-08 11:48:16

do you think POJ is ok?

Buda Mon 10-Nov-08 11:49:59

DH was almost ARS. He is now AMS.

BroccoliSpears Mon 10-Nov-08 11:53:59

I don't think it's worth getting too worked up about. My initials aren't amusing until I married dh when I became KY. Except I didn't because I didn't take his name.

My mum was PIN, married my dad and became PIG.

BroccoliSpears Mon 10-Nov-08 11:54:39

My brother is RC Smith. We call him Arsey Smith.

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