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What would you shorten these girls names to?

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zoejeanne Mon 03-Nov-08 13:51:36

DH and I have 2 girls names on our short list - Eloise and Esme. What are they likely to be shortened to, do you think? (We don't know that we're having a girl, but for some odd reason shortening boys names doesn't bother me, but shortening girls names does - must be one of those pregnancy things!)


FruitynNutty Mon 03-Nov-08 13:53:28

Ellie and Es/Ezzy

RedSparklersOnHerHead Mon 03-Nov-08 13:53:35

El, or Louise

kalo12 Mon 03-Nov-08 13:53:59

i know an eloise and an esme and their names are never shortened

FruitynNutty Mon 03-Nov-08 13:55:06

Oooh just realised your name. My Mum's name is Jeanne too. Never seen or heard of it (spelt that way) apart from for my mother's name smile

Simplysally Mon 03-Nov-08 13:55:07

You don't have to shorten any names hmm. My dd's name isn't shortened.

BabyBaby123 Mon 03-Nov-08 13:55:52

El/Es - but i don't think other people would shorten them - it would only be something parents would do with name like those I would think

Penthesileia Mon 03-Nov-08 13:57:57

As above, and:

Lolo and Mimi.

YesSirICanBoogie Mon 03-Nov-08 14:09:37

I've been looking for a name to shorten to Mimi so thank you, Penthesileia!

Bubbaluv Mon 03-Nov-08 14:19:01

Louis and Ezzy

Nbg Mon 03-Nov-08 14:20:25

Lou and Es/Ez

I went to school with an Elouise and her name was never shortened.

seeker Mon 03-Nov-08 14:30:23

Dd has friends called Eloise and Esme and they are never shortened - except sometimes teasingly to El and Ez. Never normally.

cheesesarnie Mon 03-Nov-08 14:31:40

ellie and emmy

MadBadandDangerousToKnow Mon 03-Nov-08 14:33:19

I also know an Eloise and an Esme and their names are never shortened.

Spidermama Mon 03-Nov-08 14:33:47

Lolo and Ez.

zoejeanne Mon 03-Nov-08 16:44:02

Thanks - there's a good few there I hadn't thought of. I'd prefer not to shorten them, but very aware that others will do, so trying to guess ahead what sort of nickname they'll come home from school with! (I'm a Zoe because my parents thought no-one would shorten that, so immediately become a Zo to everyone else!)

zoejeanne Mon 03-Nov-08 16:45:15

Oh, and fruitynnutty, I've been told Jeanne is the Scottish spelling of Joan - my Grannies are a Jean and a Joan - I've never met anyone else spelt that way either

babysoon1 Mon 03-Nov-08 17:03:20

love esme. and shortening to ez is very sweet too if her friends did end up doing that.

Ella121 Mon 03-Nov-08 19:00:55

My name is Eloise when I was younger it used to be Ella but never now...... just 'Wees' (Its a tad embarrassing)blush - to my close family and Eloise to anyone else.

Blu Mon 03-Nov-08 19:05:07

No one shortens the Esme I know.

Or any names, unless the parents or child do.

Plonker Mon 03-Nov-08 19:57:03

Eloise - Ella
Esme - Can't think of any?? Maybe May?

missblythe Mon 03-Nov-08 19:57:56


Lonnie Mon 03-Nov-08 22:51:56

My 2nd daughter is Eloisa and no one ever shortens it (though a lot of people tend to call her Eloise so I keep going AHhh AHH AHHH lol - yes Im one of those annoying mothers)

I love it Esme is pretty I know a Esme that is called Essie (not really shortened but hey) you could always like a friend of mine go with Esmeralda and call her Esme

FruitynNutty Tue 04-Nov-08 09:23:16

*zoejeanne * is it really? I didn't know that. I thought it was French. My Mum pronounces it 'Jee-nee'

BTW Esme and Eloise are both lovely names smile - really like Eloise

zoejeanne Tue 04-Nov-08 13:41:28

thanks fruitynnutty. I could believe it's french too, so I could be wrong (my Mum told me the scottish thing, and I just pronounce it jean, who knows?)

And thanks everyone else, I didn't expect to like any of the shortened versions, but quite a lot of these I do

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