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not baby name but pronunciation issue leah

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PenelopePitstops Fri 31-Oct-08 09:31:31

leah i would say lee ah

but can it also be said lay ah?

met someone who spells is leah but pronounces it layah

Cies Fri 31-Oct-08 09:34:41

I would say Lee-ah.

Bubbaluv Fri 31-Oct-08 09:37:29

Star Wars fan?
I would say Lee ah.

FimboGotAxed Fri 31-Oct-08 09:38:51

I say Lee ah but had a Lay ah in my class at school.

2point4kids Fri 31-Oct-08 09:39:00

She can pronouce it however she wants I guess seeing as is her name!

CharleeInChains Fri 31-Oct-08 09:39:10

My niece is Lee - ah and has never been called Lay - ah. smile

PenelopePitstops Fri 31-Oct-08 09:43:14

i know she can say it how she likes but was wondering if she was the norm

Anna8888 Fri 31-Oct-08 09:44:15


Peachy Fri 31-Oct-08 09:45:19

Every one I know (including my Theology lecturer if thats a clue!) says Lee-ah.

layah i thought was Leia?

PenelopePitstops Fri 31-Oct-08 09:47:19

me too peachy

anna do you think its a freench pronunciation?

Anna8888 Fri 31-Oct-08 09:49:07

I remember Lay-ah from my RE lessons at prep school grin

wessexghoul Fri 31-Oct-08 09:50:29

I have a Leah; we say Lee-ah, and so far only a couple have had confusion with pronunciation.

My brother always calls her 'Princess Leah' hmm grin.

TotalChaos Fri 31-Oct-08 09:51:57

Isn't Lay-ah the Hebrew pronunciation?

KateF Fri 31-Oct-08 09:57:50

I know a Leah pronounced lee-ah and a Leia pronounced lay-ah

orangeblosson59 Fri 31-Oct-08 10:06:12

hi also have a Leah ,we say Lee ah ,also have a Lukeblushhe is older but we are def not Star Wars fans having only seen the one film aged 7angrymy bf did ask if I produced dc3 would we call it Chewie!I said only if as hairy as dh!!!!!!!!!!We needed short names as our second name is a bit of a mouthfull that most people cant pronounce!wink

BloodshotEyeballsintheScarySky Fri 31-Oct-08 10:08:56

An Israeli friend is Lay-ah, although she is spelled Lea but I don't think the h makes that much difference.

Peachy Fri 31-Oct-08 13:12:33

Anyhow I thought it was all academic coz there was a language issue that negated vowels in the OT so they were added through guesswork and oral tradition? Or was that only parts of the OT? (the whole nam of Jehovah thingamebob)

Mind iits bee three years since we did that and I'ver read far too many religious texts to swear by ay one since then

TotalChaos Fri 31-Oct-08 14:15:54

um (cough) you may well be right about that Peachy BUT isn't the name Layla from the same root as Leah - which would support the Long "a" sound being there in the OT Hebrew.

Peachy Fri 31-Oct-08 18:52:02

Probably TC smile

Mind, my two lecturers couldnt even decide how to pronounce Jain (and I have 2 modules in Jainism LOL hmm)- one said Jane te other Jine; I asked one day and got The Look!

dinkymum Fri 31-Oct-08 22:14:58


annasmami Sat 01-Nov-08 10:53:41

Being German (so my brain is used to pronouncing words phonetically), I would say:

Leah as Le (as in egg) - ah


Lia as Lee - ah

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