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SuckyMuckyCock Sat 25-Oct-08 16:54:50

yes? its larvely

2lilangels Sat 25-Oct-08 16:55:33

Means boredom though hmm

SuckyMuckyCock Sat 25-Oct-08 17:02:58

its larvely

fullmoonfiendbloodcurdlinghowl Sat 25-Oct-08 17:06:22

someone told me there is a Nokia at her child's nurserey. That's pretty, ain't it?

SuckyMuckyCock Sat 25-Oct-08 17:07:27

yes ennui and nokia are v. pretty

bossykate Sat 25-Oct-08 17:08:10

i prefer accidie myself wink

gagarin Sat 25-Oct-08 17:08:46

languid and languish are rather nice too - for twins....wink

SuckyMuckyCock Sat 25-Oct-08 17:09:05

yars, that is bitter sweet bk.

more of a middle name though wouldn't you agree?

SuckyMuckyCock Sat 25-Oct-08 17:09:33

they sound like boy twins.

gagarin Sat 25-Oct-08 17:09:55

or elan and eland...grin

SuckyMuckyCock Sat 25-Oct-08 17:12:00

almost sound elvish

filthymindedSixSixSixen Sat 25-Oct-08 17:18:53

Borredom. That sounds very Elvish, no?

SuckyMuckyCock Sat 25-Oct-08 17:36:13

more hobbitesq

artichokes Sat 25-Oct-08 17:38:27

Hobbit is itself quite a lovely name.

TarkaLiotta Sat 25-Oct-08 17:40:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CryptKeeperOprocta Sat 25-Oct-08 17:42:45

Klamydia and Sifalys if you please.

filthymindedSixSixSixen Sat 25-Oct-08 17:43:39

Hobbit is ds2's nicknames (hairy toes!)

What about
Neurasthenia - very exotic dontya think?

Or Apathy?

SuckyMuckyCock Sat 25-Oct-08 17:45:50

klanydia and sifilis and also yawn and apathy are just silly!

i like the exotic one.

filthymindedSixSixSixen Sat 25-Oct-08 17:46:54

Byawn? More scandinavian?

SuckyMuckyCock Sat 25-Oct-08 19:11:51

am likng byawn v. much

janeite Sat 25-Oct-08 19:13:52

I plan to call my twin girls Inertia and Apathy - real go-getting kinds of names I feel.

Ronaldinhio Sat 25-Oct-08 19:16:54

what about odious?

or iphone?

SuckyMuckyCock Sat 25-Oct-08 19:18:08

i think even thick uneducated poor people use the word apathy from time to time

i like inertia - but sounds too like immersion heater

"put the inertia on gary, am 'avin' a baff"

SuckyMuckyCock Sat 25-Oct-08 19:19:27

Odious, reminds me of a greek god.

Odious and Ramstein.

like it

Ronaldinhio Sat 25-Oct-08 19:20:59

I often mix odious with cunt (not for childrens names of course)...I like the flow

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