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we cant decide on a name, so its gotta be Frogmella

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misdee Mon 20-Oct-08 09:21:21


we find first names we like then cant decide on middle names.

or fin middle names but no first names.

dh doesnt believe me that i will settle for frogmella.


ditheringdora Mon 20-Oct-08 09:22:42

ha ha we called our dd "sprogmella" for a bit for same reason!

Ceolas Mon 20-Oct-08 09:23:23

Let the girls choose

misdee Mon 20-Oct-08 09:24:56

well they wanted to call dd3 'Lemon Sponge' so....

but they are older now.

Real name choices and between Sophie and Sinead.

But its finding middle names as well.

All we keep saying for Sophie is Ellis. hmm

monkeymonkeymonkey Mon 20-Oct-08 09:25:43

Oh, thats beautiful. There wont be another child in your town with a name that special grin

misdee Mon 20-Oct-08 09:33:00

i am actually getting really stressed by this whole baby naming business this time round.

plj Mon 20-Oct-08 09:35:25

I had been in labour for 8 hours, and we still hadn't agreed on names for our twins. DP finally came up with Ella and Sam. In my drug induced haze, I agreed, much to DP's amusement. Between his laughs, he told me to say the names the other way round-Sam'n' Ella!! Ha bloody ha!

Sophie Ellis is indeed a beautiful name.

misdee Mon 20-Oct-08 09:36:33

yes but Sophie Ellis bextor??? (surname is williams so not really an issue lol)

Ceolas Mon 20-Oct-08 09:40:29

I like Sophie Ellis but if you're not keen what about Sophie Alice?

plj Mon 20-Oct-08 09:41:32

DP eventually came up with Sean and Abbi-not sure where those names came from,but I loved them. I agonised for my entire pregnancy over names, and DP just plucked them out of mid air!

LuLuBai Mon 20-Oct-08 10:30:18

How about Sophie Ella then? (or is that too close to Salmonella?) Sophie Bella?

We can't agree at all either. DH read the baby name book from cover to cover and apparently there is only one name in it which he likes. I'm a bit 'blah' about the name and can't bring myself to give my child a name which I feel ambigious about.

So we are in stalemate.

Ho hum.

Good luck smile .

2Helenback Mon 20-Oct-08 14:24:50

Frogmella had a little sister called spud-u-like. Pronounced spudoolickay: it's exotic!

Frogmella Spudulike has a certain je ne sais quoi. Would never be two in her class at school.

Blandmum Mon 20-Oct-08 14:25:43

Nice, I like Frogmella.

Or Twatbilla if you want something a little more clarsy!

Liffey Mon 20-Oct-08 14:52:12

Go for it. And don't let any rude people try to put you off. It's your baby and some people are just so read.

I prefer Twatabylla with a Y, to make it more yoooneeek.

Liffey Mon 20-Oct-08 14:53:16

So rude I mean.

themildmanneredjanitor Mon 20-Oct-08 15:00:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

misdee Mon 20-Oct-08 15:02:15

already have Nicole Louise

Bubbaluv Mon 20-Oct-08 15:22:15

Sophie Charlotte.
Sophie Rose.

RachieB Mon 20-Oct-08 15:54:25

was going to say Sophie Rose,thats lovely

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 20-Oct-08 16:05:31

But Sophie would share her initial with one of her sisters, so it will have to be Frogmella to keep her unique.

EachPeachPearMum Mon 20-Oct-08 20:17:42

What about Sophia- sounds nicer than Sophie imho.

NBheebieGeebies Mon 20-Oct-08 20:20:21

I actually snorted at Twatbilla grin

Sophie Ellis is really nice. My ds1 is Ellis so I am biased grin
But honestly, with your surname too, I think it sounds lovely.

When are you due?

NBheebieGeebies Mon 20-Oct-08 20:21:11

Or or or

Sophia Elise?

KristinaM Mon 20-Oct-08 20:25:43

stupid you knwo teh baby is a girl? or have you agreed on boy's names?

Stars22 Mon 20-Oct-08 20:40:11

My name is Sophie Eleanor, do you like that?

I think Sophie Ellis would be good altho as a first name i think Ellis is a boys name. What about Sophie Elise Williams.

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