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DH Hates my favourite name!... Help!

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dinkymum Sat 11-Oct-08 22:46:26

DH Hates the name that I feel is absoloutely the one, but he wont suggest any name at all, he's been through 2 baby name books and on the internet and he cany see ONE that he likes but says that the name I like is absoloutely a no no. Just feel a bit... sad, annoyed, disapointed... (probably all hormone driven!!) but I think it would be easier if he was atleast mentioning alternatives!!
We're having a DS, due in February and will be our second DC, we have a little girl already who we found a name relatively easily for, but DH says he finds girl names easier and doesnt like any boy's names.
We've got until February so no rush but I would like to 'live' with it a while before Baby's arrival if that makes sense.
Probably just hormones I know, I know! blush

PuppyMonkey Sat 11-Oct-08 22:48:09

What is the name?

dizzywitches Sat 11-Oct-08 22:50:22

whats the name?

AbbeyA Sat 11-Oct-08 22:52:59

All our names are compromises, if I had done it alone they would be completely different. Just resign yourself, it is unfair to have a name he hates.

dinkymum Sat 11-Oct-08 22:55:57

But he doesnt like any name! lol Whats the compromise with that!?

dinkymum Sat 11-Oct-08 22:57:34

The name in particular was George but I there have been numerous names to be honest! but I'm not really looking for oppinions on names I just wanted a grumble!

PuppyMonkey Sat 11-Oct-08 22:57:38

We can't judge properly until you tell us what the name you like is! grin

PuppyMonkey Sat 11-Oct-08 22:58:25

oops, cross post.

George is boring anyway...

MrsWeasley Sat 11-Oct-08 22:59:05

well if DH doesnt like any name then its easy - you choose. He will have to learn to love it. grin

FWIW my DH didnt like my favourite name either but he agreed after watching the birth grin

MrsWeasley Sat 11-Oct-08 22:59:50

I like George.

PuppyMonkey Sat 11-Oct-08 23:01:56

Actually, I can see your dh's side. If he hates it, he hates it. That doesn't necessarily mean he will be able to come up with a fab alternative as he just hasn't come across the name that sings out to him yet. Imagine if the boot was on the other foot and he was insisting you went with a name YOU hated.

notsoteenagemum Sat 11-Oct-08 23:02:57

Start throwing in some horrid names pretending you love them so whatever you really like will seem more appealing. If he's not comin up with anything then he has to go with your choice though really.

hambo Sat 11-Oct-08 23:04:47

Maybe wait until the new wee DS is born. If you are lucky, he will just look like a George and that will be that!

(PS I am due in Feb too and am having similar problems - DH does not like ANY names I suggest...)

dinkymum Sat 11-Oct-08 23:08:01

oh im im not insisting, its just he doesnt like any names, we have a foreign surname but its a couple of generationns passed. So it is tricky.
I'm quite easy going to be honest and theres only a handful of names id completely rule out.

lollyheart Sun 12-Oct-08 17:32:45

This was dh and i a few weeks ago. dh really didnt like the name that i loved i knew it was the one and was quite upset that he didnt like it, anyway after i gave birth he said we could name him the name i lovedgrin so there is still hope your ds could be called george, i love george btw its ds1 middle namesmile

Grumpalina Sun 12-Oct-08 18:06:40

Actually DP was exactly the same with both of ours but I think it was more to do with the fact he had absolutely no interest whatsover in the pregancy bit. He did change once babies were born. Did end up with my choice for DS1 (but I think partly because his mother liked it and he's a real Mummy's boy). He then became really interested in names and choose the middle name by pouring through a baby book which took so long we only had one day to spare before registering.

DS2 is named after him (it's a unisex name and it would have been the same name if DS2 had been a girl).

However what really annoys me is that he still gripes that he had no input into the boys names and he had no say in the matter when the truth was he showed no interest.

It summed it it up for me when he was talking about a friend of his dad's called 'Joel'. I said how much I liked the name and would have liked to call DS1 Joel. he then said 'Well why didn't you say? I love that name'. I DID BUT YOU WEREN'T INTERESTED!!!!

catweazle Sun 12-Oct-08 18:32:34

We had this as well. Both DS3 (now 17) and DD2 (18 mo) have names that were a compromise. In both cases DH just completely vetoed the names I had my heart set on but wouldn't come up with anything else.

Just after DD was born he said "oh call her what you like" but he'd made such a fuss about the name I didn't feel I could use it. Now I'm annoyed with myself because her name still doesn't really do anything for me and I wish I'd gone with my original choice

BlueChampagne Mon 13-Oct-08 16:43:57

At least he's been through some baby name books. Agree with Notsoteenagemum that the comedy route might be worth trying! Try and find some names that sound as ridiculous as possible with your surname. But don't labour it for now - it's not worth p*ssing him off on the subject (yet). We found boys' names a lot harder than girls' too.

Thankyouandgoodnight Mon 13-Oct-08 20:04:43

This was us EXACTLY. A total nightmare and I felt so disappointed as it was 'theone' plus I just didn't like any of the others AT ALL. In the end, I left it for a month or so and then started looking again for names that I could like and I came up with two possibles but still not as good as my fav. DH decided that he did like one of the possibles very much and after another couple of weeks, I'd got my head around the fav not being used and decided that I loved the new possible just everso slightly less than my original fav and could absolutely go for it.
To cut a long boring ramble short - give yourself some time and make sure it's you coming up with more possibles so that he only gets to choose from a selection that you like!

MyPumpkinDsHappyHalloweenBday Mon 13-Oct-08 20:09:48

My dh the same when dd wass born, wasn't overly fussed on my favorite name, as soon as she was born he said you can call her anything you want. (she melted his heart).

ds has midde name Jorge.
keep on at him, if he doesn't like any name then your in with a chance.

nooka Mon 13-Oct-08 20:17:06

Maybe you should stop worrying about it? Perhaps your dh just hasn't got to the thinking about names stage and you need to give him some more time. We couldn't decide on a boy's name until about the last month (and we had a girl anyway). Why don't you put this on one side and start thinking and talking about it again after Christmas. You may find that taking the pressure off helps you both relax about it, and the right name will pop up out of nowhere.

mickeylou Tue 14-Oct-08 16:30:47

Dh wasnt keen all the way through with the name i wanted for a boy. to be honest by the end of the pregnancy it was a case of just pick what you want - so i did. probably selfish of me but at least i have no regrets about his name and quite sure dh likes it now too. ps i like george. i like "little old men names" - my ds is billy.

chandellina Tue 14-Oct-08 19:42:12

love George and would definitely consider it for a second DS. DH hated all my names too (and i hated his one or two), so our guy didn't have a name for three weeks. finally settled on Max, which hadn't been on either of our lists. once you settle on a name - that's their name, and all the doubt goes away.

dinkymum Thu 16-Oct-08 23:14:36

Thanks for all the replies! Feeling less hormoamnl and rational now lol Sorry havent replied sooner DD has had a viral infection bless her, so been mainly lurking really!

Have been through two baby books twice and a couple of websites and we havent even really got any maybe maybe's that we both like yet! lol

I'd ask for suggestions but I think we've been through every name out there at the moment and our tastes are just complete opposites! lol

CarolsFavourite Fri 17-Oct-08 00:17:56

Hey, i'm due in feb too (valentines day of all days lol) and I know the feeling of wanting s name he hates and vice versa, well i love harry and charlie and he hates anything too 'normal' and wont consider them at all, whereas he loves theo and hayden and is kind of ok with my choice lucas. We made a list out of the name books (he was writing) and after I looked at the list and realised in 1000 names he'd been ignoring my yes's if he didn't agree but putting his on anyway despite me disagreeing or not angry. aaahhhhhh men, saying that he's soft and i now once i'm in labour and in pain he'll let me call the baby homer simpson if i choose. I'm sure George will grow on him if it means that much to you, you may even go off it by the time he's here. xxx

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