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I love the name Myra but...

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slummymummytobe Thu 09-Oct-08 18:09:33

does it have too many negative connotations to be used? Will it be used as an excuse for teasing?

MrsMattie Thu 09-Oct-08 18:10:23

I think it does have negative in this country, sadly

MrsMattie Thu 09-Oct-08 18:10:33

negative connotations

nooOOOoonki Thu 09-Oct-08 18:10:39

we wondered exactly the same thing, not sure tbh

CuppaTeaJanice Thu 09-Oct-08 18:10:42

I must admit Hindley was the first word that sprung to mind when I read your post.

Miyazaki Thu 09-Oct-08 18:10:49

prob not by peer group.

is probably totally illogical, but I just couldn't

MinkyBorage Thu 09-Oct-08 18:11:14

I would find the connotations too much, your dds generation won't know about them and would just accept it as a pretty name, but her friends parents would.

oops Thu 09-Oct-08 18:11:41

Message withdrawn

harpomarx Thu 09-Oct-08 18:13:40


SoMuchToBits Thu 09-Oct-08 18:15:32

How about if you put an h on the end - Myrah, so that at least the spelling is different?

loudandproud Thu 09-Oct-08 18:16:23

I think it's a lovely name and if you didn't use it because of something negative that happened in the past, as horrible as it was, it'd be really sad.

Everyone is an indiviual and there are so many names that could be 'avoided' due to horrible people or a tragic event from the past.

Use it and create your own happy memories of the name

Yeni Thu 09-Oct-08 18:17:44

I wouldn't be put off by the association, and I quite like the name.

lottiejenkins Thu 09-Oct-08 18:26:33

I know a lady called Moya........ shes lovely!!!

mrswoolf Thu 09-Oct-08 18:33:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Twelvelegs Thu 09-Oct-08 18:34:50

You just can't people will always finish off with 'oh like Hindley' when you tell them. Let's face it that's how most of us know the name.

fourlittlefeet Thu 09-Oct-08 18:36:10


sparklesandnowinefor3weeks Thu 09-Oct-08 18:40:16

my son shares his name with a king who killed his wives but i can't say i let that put me off it has nothing to do with my child or the way he is

it is a nice name, but if you make those associations yourself then maybe there is doubt in your mind as to whether you want use it

TotalChaos Thu 09-Oct-08 18:41:35

too many negative associations. what about Maya?

Stars22 Thu 09-Oct-08 19:27:18

As soon as i read Myra i thought of Myra in hollyoaks. If you dont watch hollyoaks she is quite a large middle aged mouthy woman with 5 kids by 5 different men.:/

jangly Thu 09-Oct-08 19:29:35

Its just tainted, isn't it.

Tinker Thu 09-Oct-08 19:29:41

Though, 'hmm, no' when read thread title. Shame really.

JuneBugJen Thu 09-Oct-08 19:29:52

Please, just dont.

I liked the name Unity until I realised she was pretty mcuh Hitlers girlfriend and older people were shock

Its the same but worse.

Somehow the name Rose has escaped though...

pooka Thu 09-Oct-08 19:30:09

No. couldn't use it.

What about Lyra instead?

EnchantedWithEdwardCullen Thu 09-Oct-08 19:31:01

Myra ... I wouldn't

Moira intead?

Plonker Thu 09-Oct-08 19:31:37

First thought was Hindley, so i'm afraid its very negative for me.


are all lovely - do you like any of those?

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