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minkersmum Wed 24-Sep-08 12:42:43

Thoughts on Olive. DD1 Iris. Iris and Olive?

I've had mixed responses from everyone i know... on the buses.. popeye... etc but to me its a classy old ladies name and i like it!!


Twelvelegs Wed 24-Sep-08 12:43:53

Olive, I love it. I like Olly for a girl too. Olive is one of my favourite girl's names.

Anna8888 Wed 24-Sep-08 12:44:06

No, it's not great.

I'm always suggesting Livia on MN - I think it is a great alternative to Olivia...

artichokes Wed 24-Sep-08 12:45:10

I love it and wanted it for DD2 but have had nothing but negative responses in RL. Have given up on it now.

I bet you get loads of replies saying "use Olivia instead". Thats what people kept telling me but Olivia is boring and Olive is cool IMO.

Sidge Wed 24-Sep-08 12:46:05

I don't like it, I much prefer Olivia. Olivia sounds classy and timeless to me, whereas Olive sounds old lady-ish. Even the colour Olive is dull. (Sorry).

FabioVicePeeperPlopper Wed 24-Sep-08 12:46:26

Olive is imperfect O away from Clive.
Don't do it.

Piffle Wed 24-Sep-08 12:47:33

I love Olive
Really do

LilRedWG Wed 24-Sep-08 12:48:14

Olive - lovely!

allgonebellyup Wed 24-Sep-08 12:49:55

Olive is sweet!

Twelvelegs Wed 24-Sep-08 12:53:20

Other names I love as well as Olive
Edith, Elsie, Mabel, Betty, Betsie, Bessie, Winnie.... all old lady and all blooming lovely.

sleepyhead3 Wed 24-Sep-08 12:53:34

Love Olive! Really cool name! BTW like Livia (as suggested above) also.

hatrick Wed 24-Sep-08 12:54:05

Message withdrawn

hatrick Wed 24-Sep-08 12:55:26

Message withdrawn

PoorOldEnid Wed 24-Sep-08 12:56:04

yes I like olive

not sure about iris and olive though

sounds like a bunting cupcake website

PoorOldEnid Wed 24-Sep-08 12:56:34

yy to agatha

and maud

and Enid obv

minkersmum Wed 24-Sep-08 13:03:00

Thanks for responses.

hatrick i agree don't associate it with Olivia either, personally think Olive far more unusual and classy. Altho one of my best friends called Olivia and she is beautiful and elegant.

twelvelegs love all your other names too, think they are names only truely classy people will appreciate.

sidge my favourite colour is olive green, the colour of dd1 eyes and dp's eyes. Don't think its dull myself, think its earthy.

noonki Wed 24-Sep-08 13:03:30

i used to be called Olive Oil so I hate it!

Nellstar Wed 24-Sep-08 13:04:53

Love Iris. Gorgeous name. Not so keen on Olive though it could just take getting used to..

blueshoes Wed 24-Sep-08 13:07:14

Olive is cute. Did not like it at first (for all the connotations mentioned below) but it grew on me.

minkersmum Wed 24-Sep-08 13:07:47

Funnily enough i like the name Enid and did suggest it to dp but he said no

I also like Agatha but dp doesn't.

Maud makes me think of the cards with Maud on them so its out.

My Papa used to call me Olive Oil too which is another reason i love the name, plus DP 6ft 8 and daughter was 61cms at birth so likely to fit the bill.

PoorOldEnid Wed 24-Sep-08 13:09:15

My friend has a little girl called Wilhelmina


minkersmum Wed 24-Sep-08 13:14:48

Wilhelmina reminds me of Philamena which i don't like at all. Prefrer shorter names which are spelt one way, easier for kids at nursery/school etc and for folk to pronounce.

Enid is nice and personally i don't know any which i

Perpendicular Wed 24-Sep-08 13:23:24

Olive is a fantastic name. I am gutted that my friend has just used it as i'd love to use it for a DD.

I adore the colour Olive and do not find it in the least bland. Olivia is meh but Olive oozes class and individuality.


PS I take it you didn't like my suggestion of Anouk? :0)

suwoo Wed 24-Sep-08 13:25:43

I love Olive too, really cool IMO.

SoupDragon Wed 24-Sep-08 13:26:16

Olive sounds very very plain.

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