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minkersmum Mon 22-Sep-08 22:33:10

Willow ?

Any thoughts?

Beginning to get rather frustrated at the lack of agreement over a name for my daughter now 6 days old. Dp and i can't agree at all. Poor wee soul with no name!


dinny Mon 22-Sep-08 22:36:04

I have a dd with Willow as a middle name and I LOVE it, would almost use it again if I have another dd as first name. go for it, I'd say

UniversallyChallenged Mon 22-Sep-08 22:37:28

Lovely name

spudballoo Mon 22-Sep-08 22:38:41

I think it's awful, since you asked! Doesn't pass the rock star/prime minister test (she could be a fab rock star as Willow. But Prime Minister?)

And what if she's, erm, less than Willowy? Or very serious? She wouldn't thank you to be Willow.

Names are so rough. But you do have to think that it's something your DD will have forever, and it does 'define' her in some way. Plus it's not just about what YOU like it's what she has to live with and up to.

ButtonMeUp Mon 22-Sep-08 22:38:56

Sorry, sounds like a cats name to me.

ButtonMeUp Mon 22-Sep-08 22:39:30

What other names have you got lined up?

insywinsyspider Mon 22-Sep-08 22:56:42

its lovely - if I'm lucky enough to have a dd she will be Willow

minkersmum Mon 22-Sep-08 23:00:29

Frightened to say what other names we are considering as i'm getting desperate and don't really want to be put off any we might be close to choosing. Its been so hard this time.

Have liked Anya,Eve and Elsie and loads more, i love roan/rowen, Blythe, Nora, and we're both liking Olive at the moment. other Daughter is Iris and we've always loved that.
Our kids going to be tall, baby 61cms at birth. Dp 6ft 8 and our older kids already head taller than peers.

Hate anything pretentious, too girly etc, prefer earthy names.

Be gentle... 6 days postnatal..blush

HRHMamazon Mon 22-Sep-08 23:02:28

I love Willow and Elsie.

minkersmum Mon 22-Sep-08 23:03:32

insywinsy just had a peek at ur pictures and your little boys baby pic looks like our baby! All the dark hair, our baby looks like she's wearing a little wig, she's got the longest sideburns!!smile

Servalan Mon 22-Sep-08 23:20:49

Willow is a fab, gorgeous and cool name.

It was on my shortlist for DD grin

Servalan Mon 22-Sep-08 23:21:24

Oh, and congratulations by the way!!!

cheesesarnie Mon 22-Sep-08 23:23:12


willow is beutiful!ds2 was going to be ruby willow but was a man baby!
so now we have a kitten called willow grin

mamazee Mon 22-Sep-08 23:23:55

ooh go for olive i love olive

cheesesarnie Mon 22-Sep-08 23:24:20

love olive too(and most others on your list)

mamazee Mon 22-Sep-08 23:27:27

...and i have never met another olive which is rare

silenceischocolate Mon 22-Sep-08 23:35:15

My god daughter's sister (13months old!) is called Willow and it suits her - can understand some people's reservations - Lke yr other chioces too...Eva, Helena, Mia, Megan, Robyn, Elfrieda, Rachel.....was thinking

hatwoman Mon 22-Sep-08 23:38:26

congratulations. afraid I'm not keen on Willow though - it's just too soft and airy fairy. I like Eve, Elsie, Nora, and Olive (a lot - my grandma was Olive)

BabyBaby123 Tue 23-Sep-08 10:23:09

Not over keen - Iris and Willow together might be a bit ott.

branflake81 Tue 23-Sep-08 10:38:53

Don;t like it [apologies to all those with kids named Willow, tis just my feeling]. I would find it hard to take anyone seriously who had this name.

PonderingThoughts Tue 23-Sep-08 10:39:57

Of the names that you like, I think the following combinations sound really nice (just IMO anyway!)

Anya Blythe

Elsie Blythe

Rowan Elsie

Olive Nora

Buda Tue 23-Sep-08 10:41:07

I like it. One of my friends here has a DD called Willow. (Although my DS things it's weird but he is only 7).

Don't like Olive. Always reminds me of On The Buses.

KateF Tue 23-Sep-08 10:53:31

I quite like Willow for a child but not sure about it for an adult but that might just be that I only know little ones called Willow. Out of your list I really love Rowan and it goes quite well with Iris. Not keen on Olive but do like Olivia (I think Olive makes me think of Popeye!)

Rose100 Tue 23-Sep-08 11:09:52

I quite like it

MyEye Tue 23-Sep-08 11:24:43

has anyone mentioned Sarah Palin has a Willow? As well as a Bristol and a Track and a Trig?

I like it, but personally I'd counsel against plant-theming your dds' names (see Daisy and Poppy Oliver). It's just a bit novelty.

Iris is lovely though. Anya/Eve/Elsie would 'go' much better imho

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