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Spink Fri 19-Sep-08 08:30:48

Kitty is on our shortlist.
Only, though I love Kitty, I'm not sure if it is more of a nickname than a 'proper' name.
What do you think?
Neither of us LOVE Katherine which I guess is the obvious long version. Anything else that Kitty can be short for?

belgo Fri 19-Sep-08 08:32:22

Kitty can be short for Caitlin or Kathleen, at least it can in my family!

Kitty is nice on it's own, I think it's become a name in it's own right.

fishie Fri 19-Sep-08 08:35:28

Kitty is very nice.

LuLuBai Fri 19-Sep-08 10:10:22

I think the Spanish version is pretty: Catalina. Could be shortened to Kitty or Lina.

hanaflower Fri 19-Sep-08 10:12:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LouMacca Fri 19-Sep-08 10:24:39

Absolutely love Kitty. Really pretty name.

castille Fri 19-Sep-08 10:28:00

It's pretty but a bit little girly, I thin you need a grown-up name too.

I like Caitlin.

Spink Fri 19-Sep-08 11:33:53

hmm, Caitlin, Catalina, Kathleen & Katrina I all like, but not really really like.

Our other top choice is Cecily and (encouraged by the other thread that's going at the moment) I'm being tempted back to that.
I know Kitty is being used as a name in its own right, but I think I agree with hanaflower & castille that it would be a nickname, not the full name she could use when she wanted to....
.. and without a full name that I love, I think we might have to leave it sad

hatrick Fri 19-Sep-08 13:01:44

Message withdrawn

FairLadyRantALot Fri 19-Sep-08 13:10:33

I think Kitty is a lovely name and wouldn't think it needs to be short for something...

wotulookinat Fri 19-Sep-08 13:17:37

Anne Frank called her diary Kitty.

FairLadyRantALot Fri 19-Sep-08 13:21:51


wotulookinat Fri 19-Sep-08 13:26:20

Was just saying - it makes me think of someone you can rely on and confide in.

hatrick Fri 19-Sep-08 13:28:20

Message withdrawn

hatrick Fri 19-Sep-08 13:29:06

Message withdrawn

LaDiDaDi Fri 19-Sep-08 13:29:15

I like Kitty verymuch though I think I would put a longer name on the bc; love Kathleen as a suggestion.

FairLadyRantALot Fri 19-Sep-08 13:32:00

oh I am getting it grin...wasn't sure what you were trying to get at, lol...

OneLieIn Fri 19-Sep-08 13:33:11

Kitty is a cat.

I know 2 kittys both cats.

hatrick Fri 19-Sep-08 13:34:37

Message withdrawn

AbbaFan Fri 19-Sep-08 13:37:01

I know a one y/o called Kitty - I think it's cute.

wotulookinat Fri 19-Sep-08 13:38:04

I should have been a bit more clean, FairLady lol grin
I think it's a nice name - pretty.
My cat is called Terry. Doesn't mean that it can't be a human name too!

hatrick Fri 19-Sep-08 13:39:41

Message withdrawn

FairLadyRantALot Fri 19-Sep-08 13:40:54

lol...our Kitten finally received it's name...originally she was meant to be Ziva, but ys could jsut not pronounce it for some strange reason, and she is now caled Raven, which is obviously also a human was Ziva, though

wotulookinat Fri 19-Sep-08 13:41:44

I've written 'I should have been a bit more clean'!!!! blush Of course I mean clear. I am perfectly clean, freshly washed!

frazzledfairy Fri 19-Sep-08 13:42:42

my dd is called kitty rose smile needless to say i love it! and get loads of positive comments on it.

i did wonder about the nickname/girly aspect but then thought i'm 30 and would like to be called kitty!

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