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'Good looking' names

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hopperdee Thu 18-Sep-08 14:31:44

Can you think of any names that you always associate with someone really good looking? I don't think I've ever met a boy/man called Ben or Alex who isn't a hottie. If you name your baby one of these names, will they always turn out to be good looking?

SoupDragon Thu 18-Sep-08 14:33:38

Of course they won't.

nooka Thu 18-Sep-08 14:35:48

No. What a silly idea grin. I know some fairly ordinary looking Bens, but no Alex's, only a Sandy and a Zander, neither of whom I have ever considered as being a "hottie" (but they are of my parent's generation). Whether your children will be good looking to other people (they will always be gorgeous to you) depends on their genes, their health and their personality.

But I suspect you already know that!

mynameisluka Thu 18-Sep-08 14:39:03

Hopperdee's are always hotties in my opinion wink
They tend to be very kind and thoughtful people too smile

PuzzleRocks Thu 18-Sep-08 14:41:48

The only Alex I know looks like a cross between Bono and Robin Williams. Does that get anyone hot? grin

PortBlacksandResident Thu 18-Sep-08 14:45:05

I've never met an ugly Anna.

hopperdee Thu 18-Sep-08 14:46:55

I didn't really think of it as a scientific study, just a bit of fun to see which names you think of in this way, if any..! It's just that names are all about association - so people often dislike names as they remind them of someone frumpy or an old aunt etc. I wanted to look at the opposite, of course it's subjective.

mynameisluka Thu 18-Sep-08 14:49:07

It's ok Hopperdee. I think we all know what you mean. We're just having a laugh with yousmile

suzywong Thu 18-Sep-08 14:51:12

yes, they will
names have a direct correlation with physical beauty

hopperdee Thu 18-Sep-08 14:52:24

All the Toms and Ollies I ever met were good looking and slightly cheeky skateboarders with floppy hair (when I was a teen).

zwiggy Thu 18-Sep-08 14:55:29

i met a really ugly 'carmen' once and it really surprised me that she was called carmen

DoubleBluff Thu 18-Sep-08 14:55:43

I have never met an ugly Stephanie

TwoMore Thu 18-Sep-08 14:56:37


nooka Thu 18-Sep-08 14:57:32

I'm not good at remembering names, so I probably wouldn't be able to do correlations. I hope that people with my name are always fabulous of course (but I do slightly resent anyone who shares my name, because it's mine all mine grin)

loler Thu 18-Sep-08 14:59:11




Difficult for men as can think of lots of ugly men for each name too!

hopperdee Thu 18-Sep-08 15:00:18

that is pretty shocking about carmen..

themildmanneredjanitor Thu 18-Sep-08 15:00:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PuzzleRocks Thu 18-Sep-08 15:01:41

Ooh, glad to see I have picked an attractive name for bump if she turns out to be a girl.

katiepotatie Thu 18-Sep-08 15:02:19

Dh says you never meet an ugly Emma.

OrmIrian Thu 18-Sep-08 15:02:34

Of course Alex is a handsome name! My DS is Alex. And he's lovely.

Can't think of any others. I can think of ugly names but handsome ones tend to be that way because of their owners.

MaryAnnSingleton Thu 18-Sep-08 15:03:51

how about Jane - Janes are meant to be plain

Szyslak Thu 18-Sep-08 15:05:37

Rebeccas are beautiful.

Countingthegreyhairs Thu 18-Sep-08 15:19:08

"You call her Natasha
and she looks like Elsie,
I don't want to go to Chelsea"

although Elsie is probably the height of chic for a girl's name now !!

Tbh though I always think the personality of the person somehow "inhabits" their name and overtakes it, so even if someone's looks don't happen to "match" their name in the conventional sense, the name becomes very individual to them

(if that makes any sense at all)

MrsMattie Thu 18-Sep-08 15:24:29

I went to school with a very unattractive Anna and a complete lumbering doofus of a boy called Alex. I also associate the name Rebecca withclever but plain girls - certainly not beauties. Name associations are so personal.

staryeyed Thu 18-Sep-08 15:25:12

I have met more than one ugly alex and ben.

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