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popular names?

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reban Wed 17-Sep-08 22:03:56

Anyone know what website to look at for current and recent top 10 (or 100 for that matter) boys and girls names?

frazzledoldbag34 Wed 17-Sep-08 22:19:17

just type it into google and you'll get lots of current lists for last year(s) top 100 names etc

dinkymum Thu 18-Sep-08 12:00:38

Bounty is a good one, they even have it month by month and running total for this year, theres also a part that you can imput a name and it'll tell you its popularity and if its increasing or decreasing.
hope it works and helps!

loler Thu 18-Sep-08 12:05:25

This is a really good website - gives you how popular a name is in your area

mrswoolf Thu 18-Sep-08 13:12:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

reban Thu 18-Sep-08 13:35:50


SAddy75 Thu 18-Sep-08 16:25:13

If you search through google and type in daily telegraph baby names it will bring you top 100 names of the last year for boys and girls. Hope this helps

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