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Imogen OR Isabelle OR Isabella?

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SarahMobbs Sat 13-Sep-08 21:23:33

Hi everyone, first time poster. I'm due next week and we're still undecided on the name if it's a girl (we don't know which sex it will be). We we're thinking Imogen, Isabelle or Isabella ... any pearls of wisdom gratefully received...

Sidge Sat 13-Sep-08 21:24:51

I adore Imogen (DH wouldn't let me have it for DD3 - sulk)

HeinzSight Sat 13-Sep-08 21:25:56


DH wouldn;t let me call DD Imogen sad

dizzydixies Sat 13-Sep-08 21:26:21

all lovely but there will be a tonne of people who will follow claiming that Isabella/Isabelle are too common

as the mother of an Isabella known as Ella I love it. I loved it when we gave her the name over 5yrs ago and I still love it now, and we know of only one other

I also like Imogen too and all of the names give you several options of shortenings if you choose to loose

they are all lovely imo and don't let anyone put you off them by saying that they're used too often

welcome to mumsnet and congrats on your pregnancy!

Stars22 Sat 13-Sep-08 21:28:47

Out of the 3 my favourite is definatly Imogen.

SoMuchToBits Sat 13-Sep-08 21:31:23

I like Isabella or Isabel. Imogen is ok but not as good IMO.

treacletart Sat 13-Sep-08 21:31:54

My Imogen had her first birthday last month and I'm very happy with our name choice - unusual enough not to have met another her age yet, but not whacky. It's, I think, a very elegant name - I'm not keen on Immy or Imo as nicknames, but we call her Mimi for short - it suits her well and I hope will stick. Good luck!

falcon Sat 13-Sep-08 21:42:51

I like them all, but Imogen is the most beautiful imo.

yummymummy1405 Sat 13-Sep-08 21:45:17

Isabella is beautiful as it is but Imogen turned into Immie is fantastic aswell.

ethanchristopher Sat 13-Sep-08 21:46:08

i love imogen and isabella

janeite Sat 13-Sep-08 21:48:53

I like Isobel; it may be popular but it is also a beautiful, classic name. Isobella is lovely too. I'm less fond of Imogen.

SlartyBartFast Sat 13-Sep-08 21:49:07

wouldnt bella have tweenies connotations, or is that old hat now?

i personally like isabelle (seems popular though) and Isabella, not so keen on Imogen

SlartyBartFast Sat 13-Sep-08 21:49:33

dh wouldnt let me have isabella <<sulks>>

PictureThis Sat 13-Sep-08 21:51:01

we have an Imogen so I have to say that out of the three, that is my favourite

Cathpot Sat 13-Sep-08 21:52:21

I have an imogen (her sister spent the first week telling everyone her name was lunar jim) but also think isabelle very pretty and lots of shortening options. Maybe think about whihc goes best with your surname?

PictureThis Sat 13-Sep-08 21:56:12

grin @ Lunar Jim

Heated Sat 13-Sep-08 21:57:03

I personally love the Celtic spelling of Isobel - classic, fresh and less ambiguous with regards the spelling.

Imogen is lovely. Not overly keen on Immie.

PavlovtheCat Sat 13-Sep-08 21:58:06


VinegarTits Sat 13-Sep-08 21:58:33


pointydog Sat 13-Sep-08 22:02:09

Isobel. Isabella is a little frilly.

devonsmummy Sat 13-Sep-08 22:17:12

Imogen shortened to Immy

dinkymum Sat 13-Sep-08 22:25:00

All pretty but prefer Imogen, my friend is currenty considering this for her DD due in Nov/ Dec!

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