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totally hypothetical buuuut...

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botherednanny Sat 13-Sep-08 19:06:27

... my BF and I were discussing baby names (a little sad I know as I'm not even pregnant + prob won't be for another 3/4 years BUT STILL!) and we really like a collection of three names, but our mate has rubbished the first one - I think they've lovely and have my heart SET on them regardless for the future... so indulge me ladies + tell me what you all think! smile

cillian (pronounced kill-ian)

RubySlippers Sat 13-Sep-08 19:08:21

lily - yes

cole - no

cillian - he is a film star? he will spend his life being called sillian ...

botherednanny Sat 13-Sep-08 19:12:32

non, lillie very specifically with an 'ie' at the end - my other half thinks this is stupid too and it should be left as 'y' however

I really like cole! thats my favourite lol

and yes, he is the film star... I thought the name was sillian until I read the correct way in a magazine and fell in love with it... but sadly, you're right!

RubySlippers Sat 13-Sep-08 19:14:01

but it is spelt Lily ...

the pedants will be on to you grin

janeite Sat 13-Sep-08 19:16:06

Lily with an "e" is silly.

Cillian is sillier.

Cole is just horrible.

Sorry but you did ask.

botherednanny Sat 13-Sep-08 19:16:12

don't alert them goddammit! grin

botherednanny Sat 13-Sep-08 19:18:04

x post

hey, don't apologise! I wanted opinions, you are entitled to think what you like smile

hmmm, I feel like cole is going to be given a general bashing lol

DonDons Sat 13-Sep-08 19:20:31

actually I don't mind Cole.

Lillie should be Lily and she would forever be telling people how to spell it (Lily itself is lovely but there are alot of them around these days).

Cillian - not so much.

FairLadyRantALot Sat 13-Sep-08 19:21:27

I like Cole and Lillie (but prefer the spelling Lily)....not keen on Cillian...I am sure it's some part or otehr of the human anatomy....

Blandmum Sat 13-Sep-08 19:23:45

Don't like them at all.

Call him/her cole and you'll be setting them up for years of leg pulling over 'Old King'

Cue those arriving to tell us that children can tease over anything......

botherednanny Sat 13-Sep-08 19:24:52

I suspect that as I spent my whole life pronouncing and/or spelling my name I feel my children should suffer as I have lol...

fairladyrantsalot -really??
am going to research that one as I really, really like it and think that it ties in the other two names!

FairLadyRantALot Sat 13-Sep-08 19:59:54

martian...never even came to my mind...I thought more about the luscious character Cole in "Charmed"...he was a damon but a yummy one grin

devonsmummy Sat 13-Sep-08 20:08:19

Love love love Cole
not keen on the others

botherednanny Sat 13-Sep-08 21:41:39

I'd never even thought of the old king thing either - buggery!

yummymummy1405 Sat 13-Sep-08 21:44:04

Love Lillie dd was a lillie for half an hour while i was pregnant before i decided it was too popular! Cole is lovely.

ethanchristopher Sat 13-Sep-08 21:45:25

cole reminds me of christmas

and please dont call it lillie, call her lily or not at all! she will spend her whole life going "no its with an ie"

and cillian will get called sillian

botherednanny Sat 13-Sep-08 21:56:00

re lillie - I have spent 26 years correcting people on the spelling of my name so she too must suffer wink

I think its a bit of OCD-ness on my part, I have a bit of a thing about spelling 'y' things with an 'ie' I have no idea why, I've always been like that, it just looks right in my mind ifyswim?

yummymummy - what did your DD end up with smile

I really wish there was a way around the sillian thing because I really love the name!

botherednanny Sat 13-Sep-08 22:32:08

I also quite like angelina jolie's mothers name that she called her DD3 (is it 3?) - marcheline I think it's spelt? it the end of it is pretty much identical to my name though which might be a little weird...

FairLadyRantALot Sun 14-Sep-08 08:25:03

marcheline would possibly become micheline man though...don't like that at all!

BTW. why Lillie and not Lily?
How about Lillian? That is a very pretty name

Nbg Sun 14-Sep-08 08:31:38

Cole was on our list for ds2.
I still quite like it.

I think Lily is very popular now but still pretty.

What about Lilith?

Majeika Sun 14-Sep-08 08:33:26

ooh no...........


and Killian sounds horrible with the word kill in it. he will be teased at school....

Cole? sounds like a name from the Bold and the Beautiful.............

Lillie?? no - Lily.

what about sam or ned or tom or ruby or grace................?

castille Sun 14-Sep-08 08:49:35

Killian is popular in France these days. I don't like it, partic spelt with a C as no one will pronounce it right.

botherednanny Sun 14-Sep-08 08:53:29

I cannot stand the name ruby, sorry.

I think its one of those names that everyone is giving to their kids atm... admittedly my views are based on a girl I loathe calling her DD ruby-rose but still!

although lily is bloody popular now isn't it? although hopefully won't be in 3/4 year...

am loving lilith and lillian thou smile

lillian, cillian and cole LOL maybe not. cillian would have to go methinks...

Majeika Sun 14-Sep-08 08:55:05

cillian has to go................

Imogen is lovely......................

not ruby

botherednanny Sun 14-Sep-08 09:00:42

not crazy about the name imogen actually, but it is kind of pretty I suppose... quite like 'imi' as a nickname... ooh I've just said it with my surname+it sounds very cute indeed smile

not sure about killian as opposed to cillian, quite like 'c' as the start of a name

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