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Trudy / Trudie ????

(11 Posts)
frazzledoldbag34 Fri 12-Sep-08 11:25:25

Just wondering what you think?

nailpolish Fri 12-Sep-08 11:27:53


Miaou Fri 12-Sep-08 11:29:41

I had a dog called Trudy, named after a girl at school I admired enormously smile - so the name holds pleasant memories for me!

I think it's lovely, and unusual, without being "weird".

themildmanneredstalker Fri 12-Sep-08 11:30:51

trudy is a great name!

qumps Fri 12-Sep-08 11:35:00

trudie. i always like an ie ending.

gingerninja Fri 12-Sep-08 11:38:18

I prefer it Trudi but that's because it's a close relatives name.

Alderney Fri 12-Sep-08 17:17:56

I love Trudi

We have a Trudi at playgroup and I just love that name -I;ve made DH promise that the 3rd child that I know we will never ever have is to be called Trudi.

PuppyMonkey Fri 12-Sep-08 17:20:22


KAEKAE Fri 12-Sep-08 18:38:22

Yes I like it. It's not a name you hear much so I think that's a real bonus! I prefer Trudie.

frazzledoldbag34 Sun 14-Sep-08 19:52:04

Thanks for your comments everyone.....I'm still not that convinced but it can stay on the list for now.

MrsMattie Sun 14-Sep-08 21:41:37

Noooo. Trudi Styler <cringe>

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