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you know we're constantly giving the advise on here that...

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Califrau Sun 07-Sep-08 01:27:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

raindropsonroses Sun 07-Sep-08 01:32:14

I'm never sure how to pronounce Evelyn, so I wouldn't use that.

Califrau Sun 07-Sep-08 01:38:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

3andnomore Sun 07-Sep-08 12:25:41

oh, lol at Why-vony

hehe that mould make my middlesons name Why-an-nic and my yongest would be Fl-why-nn (kinda doesn't work at all with that one..hehe)

gillydaffodil Sun 07-Sep-08 13:15:28

Message withdrawn

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Sun 07-Sep-08 13:20:36

Why Von ey! Lololol!

Califrau Sun 07-Sep-08 18:20:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PinkyDinkyDooToo Sun 07-Sep-08 20:24:39

Why Voney. Made me PMSL. I saw a TV shoe where a boy was named Bjorn, but pronounced BuJorn. He was American, not usre why he had a scandinavian name.

Also knew a Mexican called David, but pronounced Dabid

llareggub Sun 07-Sep-08 22:14:59

Whenever I read Malory Towers I always pronounced the name Alicia and Aleka in my head. I was devastated when I was told the "proper" pronounciation and much prefer Aleka!

conkertree Mon 08-Sep-08 16:51:25

i was the same with malory towers but thought it was alisiyah which i liked - i take it its aleesha? still never been sure about that one.

mrsy Mon 08-Sep-08 18:05:58

Ha conkertree -
I so thought that when I read the books, then went to secondary school with someone called Alicia, and couldn't work out how to spell her name until I saw her write it - such a shock!

ceeceeanne Wed 10-Sep-08 19:53:09

i used to have a cabbage patch kid called xavier (pronounced zavi ay) but always said ex ave ia!!

AussieLou Thu 18-Sep-08 13:58:09

Speaking of Mallory Towers, isn't Darrell a boys name? It is in Australia.
That always confused me.

MissusH Thu 18-Sep-08 14:01:30

there is an xavier in dd's class - parents pronounce it ex ave ia....

conniedescending Thu 18-Sep-08 14:03:36

grin my friends have an xavier and I avoid using his name and say your cheeky chap instead

Moogatron Thu 18-Sep-08 16:41:29

I always thought it was Alicia pronounced as exactly that, not Aleesha which I think may be a modern pronuciation. there was a girl in the year below me in school called Alicia and she pronounced it as said.

One of my favourites for mispronunciation is Siobahn! Syobarn instead of Shivaun.

There is a character in one of Maive Binchy's books called Aisling which I thought was pronounced Ayzling until much later on in the book she tells someone that it is Ashleen- which completly threw me. the other one is Niamh- I have no idea how to pronounce that.

BlueChampagne Thu 18-Sep-08 16:59:35

Niamh is N+eve

MamaMimi Sat 20-Sep-08 01:00:38

I ended up not using Catriona for dd as I wanted it pronounced Ka-treena, but dp told me she'd go through life being called Ka-tree-ona. I had never even considered that 'cos I just thought the way I pronounced it was the everyone would!!

notcitrus Sat 20-Sep-08 02:49:58

I thought the Malory towers Alicia was 'al-sic-a' for years (and Felicity 'fel-city', spot who never learnt phonics...)

Brit Alicias tend ro be 'Alice-ee-uh' which I quite like now. No idea where 'Al-EE=sha' comes from, suspect its a spanish derived peon that's taken off in the US.

SmellyWelly Sat 20-Sep-08 05:53:00

I knew a Roisin at school that I had never seen written down - thought her name was Rose-Ann

SuperBunny Sat 20-Sep-08 06:05:37

Xavier can be pronounced Ex-ave-ia. DS has a friend named named Xavier, often called Harvey for short.

Everyone pronounces DS's name incorrectly but it's quite subtle so not really a problem. And my fault for picking the name. What annoys me most is that it is Welsh yet his Welsh grandparents say it wrong.

Poor keeembeeerlay

CaliWench Sat 20-Sep-08 06:22:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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