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Teyla - what do you think??????????

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Jazzicatz Sat 06-Sep-08 15:28:27


FanjolinaJolly Sat 06-Sep-08 15:29:33

You're having a larf,surely

Slouchy Sat 06-Sep-08 15:29:35

I think....

TAYLOR. If you absolutely must.

expatinscotland Sat 06-Sep-08 15:30:18

I think it sounds made up and naff.

And Taylor is just stooopid.

3andnomore Sat 06-Sep-08 15:30:57

definitely either Tyler or Taylor....

boy or girl?

Carmenere Sat 06-Sep-08 15:31:50

It sounds like you can't spell Taylor.

Jazzicatz Sat 06-Sep-08 15:32:12


SallyLW Sat 06-Sep-08 15:34:35

Sorry, just sounds chavvy.Traditional names are best in my view

LadySanders Sat 06-Sep-08 15:34:48

i think its pretty, but i would probably spell it taylor

RubySlippers Sat 06-Sep-08 15:35:16




Jazzicatz Sat 06-Sep-08 15:36:15

A friend has called her dd Teyla - not a name i would choose but just wanted a MN opinion!

3andnomore Sat 06-Sep-08 15:37:20

than Taylor...I me that seems to be more girly...alhtough I think Tylor and Taylor are both unisex names...

funnypeculiar Sat 06-Sep-08 15:38:26

I know a (4yo) Tayla (f)
not my cup of tea.

Blandmum Sat 06-Sep-08 15:39:34

Bloody awful

Taylor is bad, but misspelling it makes it even worse

surprise Sat 06-Sep-08 15:43:08

urghh! hate pretend names/misspelt names/stupid names.

FabioBadAssCat Sat 06-Sep-08 15:43:37


Heated Sat 06-Sep-08 15:43:46

Pg hormones making you one craazeee ladeee.

Jazzicatz Sat 06-Sep-08 15:46:59

Well from the response - a no then!

steviesgirl Sat 06-Sep-08 16:42:50

It's not a name I'd choose. Just doesn't seem very feminine to me. I personally like traditional names. But your child, your choice at the end of the day. Just make sure you call her a name that she won't be bullied because of.

Lomond Sat 06-Sep-08 16:44:51

Sorry but I hate it, I hate misspelt names. Not keen on the original version but at least it is a real name.

princessflo Sat 06-Sep-08 16:47:59

I really dont like the name Taylor esp not on a girl but i think this spelling is nicer as it's actually spelt how its said, and will stand out from all the other Taylors

JHKE Sat 06-Sep-08 16:55:42

actually i like it ...just for info - its a characters name in stargate atlantis.

Ceelo Sat 06-Sep-08 16:59:34

how about Tayluere... that was one of my students las year????

georgiemum Sat 06-Sep-08 17:00:16

Taylor Bennet?

Califrau Sat 06-Sep-08 17:01:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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