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gardeningwithpolkadots Mon 25-Aug-08 14:01:37

Any ideas/comments about this one?

jamescagney Mon 25-Aug-08 14:04:48

sorry gardening don't mean to be rude but isn't it a food decoration?
Also my sister told me (when I was seven) it was the posh word for snot!
Also Angelica Huston as Morticia in the Addams Family...

that's what came into my mind. sorry.

lojoesmammy Mon 25-Aug-08 14:13:00

I know an Angelica - she is called Jelly as her nick name and is scrummy.

verynewtothis Mon 25-Aug-08 14:13:44

prefer angelina

i always think of angelica from rugrats who was nasty!

Bronze Mon 25-Aug-08 14:20:44

Angelicas a plant James which is used for cooking but then so is Rosemary

Spagblog Mon 25-Aug-08 14:23:08

Had german friends with an Angelika. They pronounced the "g" with a hard geh sound...Ann geh li ka which I thought was nice

sleepycat Mon 25-Aug-08 14:25:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jackstini Mon 25-Aug-08 14:27:40

I quite like it - unusual but not too much and scope for nicknames smile

jamescagney Mon 25-Aug-08 14:55:02

and that it why you'll never see me on "Gardener's World"! thanks, Bronze grin

3andnomore Tue 26-Aug-08 00:07:48

Hm...Angelica will always remind me of Angelica Pickles, the spoilt bratty girl from Rugrats, sorry....

serenity Tue 26-Aug-08 01:11:42

My (sort of) niece (maybe cousin in law - not sure, it's one of those Greek extended family things) is called Angelica, I think it's nice smile

NorkyButNice Tue 26-Aug-08 02:32:17

Rugrats here for me too - and it'll get Angel as a nickname which is just too sickly and girly for me.

frazzledoldbag34 Thu 28-Aug-08 13:03:45

I think Angelica is pretty.
Like it grin

CrushWithEyeliner Thu 28-Aug-08 13:09:41

I like the An ge (as it get-up) lica

MrsMattie Thu 28-Aug-08 15:00:13

I like Angelica.

DaddyJ Thu 28-Aug-08 15:07:53

Nice name!

I like Angelina, too, but the sleb connotations
would put me off.

CrushWithEyeliner Thu 28-Aug-08 15:46:19

I have an Angelina - a family name so no deference to Jolie

CuckooSplodgeandTubs Thu 28-Aug-08 15:49:21

Also prefer Angelina, although, I wouldn't realy say I love that either.

LadyThompson Thu 28-Aug-08 16:51:02

I think Angelica is lovely, but I don't really like Angie for short.

AHB238 Sat 30-Aug-08 18:57:52

I like Angelica, it is very pretty.

My daughter was born sleeping and her name is a variant of this. Personally i like that as she is an Angel her name reflects this and think that maybe names that contain the word Angel should be reserved for Angel Babies. (Hope this doesn't offend)If she had of been born alive her name would not be what it is. We chose it because she was an Angel.

pamelat Sun 31-Aug-08 17:57:43

I think its very pretty.
DH hated it though sad

donnie Sun 31-Aug-08 17:59:13

I know someone called Anjalika - pronounced Anja Leeka - which I think is lovely.

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