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LolaTheShowgirl Mon 25-Aug-08 12:04:06

for boys:



m abel

any thoughts?

FlightAttendent Mon 25-Aug-08 12:07:17

Are you completely serious smile

I like Charlie.

FlightAttendent Mon 25-Aug-08 12:08:30

Actually that comment was because of the title - Dorian, no...but Gregory, Charlie, Benji, Violet and Harriet are all lovely!

Legoleia Mon 25-Aug-08 12:09:55

Dorian - makes me think of "the pic. of Dorian Grey" - perhaps google it before you decide?

youcannotbeserious Mon 25-Aug-08 12:12:07

for boys:

dorian - sounds like a car
florian - sounds like a flower
alessandro - OK, if you are italian
gregory - OK
benji - sounds like a dog
charlie - sounds like a cat
drake - sounds like a swan / bird / duck
dominic - OK
saul - sounds like something out of a bible.


m abel - old
eden - v ery old
morag - Old and welsh
violet - Old and smells of wee
ariana - OK if you are italian
viola - still smells of wee.
hattie - OK
harriet - Lovely
lottie - OK (but prefer Charlotte)

Ahh. have probably offended most of MN with this one post!

Communion Mon 25-Aug-08 12:12:32

I like Gregory and Charlie

and harriet.

Stars22 Mon 25-Aug-08 12:25:23

I thought Dorian was a girls name, i thought there was a character in birds of a feather called Dorian.

lowrib Mon 25-Aug-08 12:45:33

Eden is lovely.

SundayRoast Mon 25-Aug-08 12:53:54

dorian - yes
florian - no
alessandro - no
gregory - yes
benji - no
charlie - yes
drake - no
dominic - yes
saul - yes

mabel - yes-ish
eden - no
morag - yes-ish
violet - no
ariana - yes-ish
viola - is this a name?
hattie - yes but would use Harriet and Hattie as a nn
harriet - yes
lottie - like it but would use Charlotte/Carlotta and have Lottie as nn

msdemeanor Mon 25-Aug-08 12:56:02

Why not Charlie Drake...has a good ring to it grin
We know a Dorien. We all call him Doreen. It's not good.
Girls' names all fine. Not sure about Eden.

MaloryDontDiveItsShallow Mon 25-Aug-08 12:58:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

youcannotbeserious Mon 25-Aug-08 13:51:26

I like MarloryDDIS

lowrib Mon 25-Aug-08 13:53:31

Viola is a name - she's the heroine in Shakespere's 12th Night.

SundayRoast Mon 25-Aug-08 15:29:38

Other names in Shakespeare include Moth, Puck and Bottom! grin

wotulookinat Mon 25-Aug-08 15:46:15

Dorian - no no no no no. Opening him up for a lifetime of humiliation. Read the book, as Lego says.
My dad's name is Florian. He isn't English and uses his English middle name as a first name instead. It's a nice name, I think, but a bit girly and could lead to bullying. Shame, though.

wotulookinat Mon 25-Aug-08 15:46:54

Morag? Wasn't that the TV witch in Willow the Wisp?

SundayRoast Mon 25-Aug-08 16:07:40

I love the book and think it's a great name. Also know a very sexy Dorian blush

The TV witch was Edna. There was a Morag in Home and Away [TV addict icon]

periselene Mon 25-Aug-08 18:35:25

dorian - too literary
florian - too fancy, not desperately masculine
alessandro - too ... too
gregory - dull
benji - dog
charlie - and Lola - no
drake - NO!
dominic - yes
saul - yes

mabel - no
eden - no
morag - yes
violet - maybe
ariana - no - very fashionable
viola - prefer this to Violet
hattie - no NNs as FNs
harriet - yes
lottie - no NNs as FNs!!

Some really good names here, but lots of different styles. Maybe when you decide on your style you'll be closer to a decision. Hope you find what you're looking for.

Califrau Mon 25-Aug-08 18:38:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsMattie Mon 25-Aug-08 18:43:35

Dorian, Florian, Gregory - horrible

Drake - one of the nastiest names I think I have ever heard!

Alessandro - lovely, but sounds Spanish to me. Are you Spanish?

Benji - Benjamin is a nice name, but benji is a bit dog like

Charlie - over used
Dominic - meh
Saul - nice


mabel, morag, viola - ghastly
eden - a bit 'sleb'
violet - OK
Harriet, hattie - too posh for my tastes
Ariana - very nice
lottie - cute, but a bit girlie as a name on it's own.

MrsMattie Mon 25-Aug-08 18:45:17

Alessandro - Italian, yes, sorry. Are you Italian? grin

dinkymum Mon 25-Aug-08 21:11:29

hiya! my faves would be:
benji, charlie, dominic, mabel, eden, violet.

Especially Benji and Mabel

janeite Mon 25-Aug-08 21:21:06

The only one of your boys' names I like is Gregory.

You've got some nice girls' names there - Eden, Violet, Hattie and Harriet are all lovely.

Dorian - everybody will just ask him if he has a painting in his attic all the time.

Florian - awful imho.

Drake - sounds like somebody from Dallas.

Saul - why?

Sorry - I do think Gregory/Greg is sweet though!

nooka Mon 25-Aug-08 21:22:48

You've got an interesting mix there. The only ones I dislike are the nicknames (benji, charlie, hattie and lottie) but the full versions are fine.

MerryMarigold Mon 25-Aug-08 21:27:02

GREGORY - nice (Gregs are always good looking wink)

no, don't like any of girl's names - sorry! Viola is the best of them. How about Blythe?

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