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Jojay Sat 23-Aug-08 22:25:54

What do you think? DH loves it. I'm not sure...........

suwoo Sat 23-Aug-08 22:27:20

I loved it for DS but DH didn't. Its meaning is 'behold, a son', which I thought was wonderful for our much wanted boy.

dizzydixies Sat 23-Aug-08 22:28:06

LOVE IT love it love it but 3 girls in it looks like am not going to get a shot of using it grin

MrsThierryHenry Sat 23-Aug-08 22:28:42


(Guess what my DS is called...!)

Lilyloo Sat 23-Aug-08 22:28:44


cafebistro Sat 23-Aug-08 22:35:07

Love it! My DP didnt like it I couldnt call it DS sad

mamalovesmojitos Sat 23-Aug-08 22:38:11

love it!

there's a lovely song by an irish singer of the same name. (the name of song, not the singer).

look here.

3andnomore Sat 23-Aug-08 22:38:50

love it!

wotulookinat Sat 23-Aug-08 22:50:49

I like it. I suggested it for DS but DH didn't like it.

eekamoose Sat 23-Aug-08 22:59:14

I just love this name. Would have given it to my gorgeous DS except our older DD (his sister) is Ruby.

Its a fine boys name. Really.

Beauregard Sat 23-Aug-08 22:59:35

Nice enough but quite popular

ollyop Sat 23-Aug-08 23:06:41

Love it. My Reuben is almost 16. It was more unusual when he was little, but recently I have heard of several more little Reubens being born.

nickeldime Sun 24-Aug-08 02:40:52

I like it. It's popular, but not as common as Ruben, from the chart here:

twentypence Sun 24-Aug-08 03:28:21

And be prepared for women who have called their son Rueben to tell you that you spelt it wrong.

3andnomore Sun 24-Aug-08 09:59:56

Twenty, why ould anyone spell it "Rueben"?

JuneBugJen Sun 24-Aug-08 10:05:15

Know 2 Reubens... its a great name.

biglips Sun 24-Aug-08 10:07:31

its one of my faves names but there is already a Reuben in my Dps family who is only 16 months old

ShowOfHands Sun 24-Aug-08 10:12:54

I know 5 baby Reubens!

tiggerlovestobounce Sun 24-Aug-08 10:35:49

I love it.

BigBadMousey Sun 24-Aug-08 10:38:33

Like it - I don't know any young reubens at all.

EmmyLou Sun 24-Aug-08 10:39:25

My BF's DS is Reuben and he's a large eyed, long lashed husky voiced cutie at nearly 5yo, so big YES from me.

Grumpalina Sun 24-Aug-08 10:39:39

Love it. Love it. Love it.

Wanted it for DS2 but DP refused (ended up with Robin instead which doesn't seem to be a popular name at all???!!! Wanted to buy him a bauble for the Christmas tree on his 1st Christmas and they didn't have his name which seemed very bizarre??!!!)

PookiePodgeandTubs Sun 24-Aug-08 11:23:52

I love it. Great name. My daughter aged six was almost a Reuben, I mean, obviously except for the fact ahtt she was a girl. Six/7 yrs ago when it was on my list people reacted as though I'd opened the bible and stuck in a pin. But now it's mainstream but not ubiquitous. Good choice imo.

Lomond Sun 24-Aug-08 11:28:02

I love it, think it's a great name smile

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 24-Aug-08 11:37:16

Message withdrawn

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