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Phyllis and Phyllida

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jessaminej Fri 22-Aug-08 23:23:03

Wanted to gauge opinions I may also receive in the real world.
be nice smile

theinsider Fri 22-Aug-08 23:24:04

Vileda SuperMop

brimfull Fri 22-Aug-08 23:24:05

no like

Califrau Fri 22-Aug-08 23:24:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

theinsider Fri 22-Aug-08 23:25:29

Oh you said be nice grin

Yes, ok, Phyllis Railway Children - not bad. Abbreviated to Phyl, also ok, if a bit male.

Wouldn't choose it myself but not too bad, I've seen a lot worse on MN. smile

littlelamb Fri 22-Aug-08 23:26:09

Phyllida sounds like an STD

Tortington Fri 22-Aug-08 23:26:24

chlamydia is much prettier

vicsta Fri 22-Aug-08 23:26:48

Think Syphillis (Sp?). Sorry, no to either. Phillipa? Pippa? Like Eirlys, but may be a bit welsh.

littlelamb Fri 22-Aug-08 23:27:24

A combination of syphillis and chlymydia in fact- 2 for the price of one shock I will stop now...

jessaminej Fri 22-Aug-08 23:28:11

Phyllis is on our baby name list, we're thinking Phillida as a safer alternative.

jessaminej Fri 22-Aug-08 23:29:59

x posted, okay maybe Phyllida isn't any safer.

littlelamb Fri 22-Aug-08 23:31:15

How about Philomena? Am pretty sure thats not the right spelling though

pointydog Fri 22-Aug-08 23:37:05

I like them not a jot

Bronze Fri 22-Aug-08 23:41:19

Phyllida reminds me of a horsey childrens book. I seem to remember liking the book though

jellybeans Fri 22-Aug-08 23:42:30

don't like those, remind me of old lady names but Phillippa is nice.

Califrau Fri 22-Aug-08 23:46:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jellybrains Fri 22-Aug-08 23:47:11

Really sorry but Phyllida will definately be shortened to to the STD when in the teen years and knew a lovely old lady called Phyllis but not for a baby. Sorry!

navyeyelasH Fri 22-Aug-08 23:47:49

They sound likes STIs - both of them. Sorry! x

Weegiemum Sat 23-Aug-08 00:37:34

Old lady names that are NOT due for a revival, IMO.


Phillipa nice, though. I know 2 under 5's with that name and they both suit it very well.

CantSleepWontSleep Sat 23-Aug-08 08:18:21

Dreadful I'm afraid, but Philippa is lovely.

AbbeyA Sat 23-Aug-08 08:29:15

Dreadful. Philippa is much better.

TheFamilyFromOneEndStreet Sat 23-Aug-08 09:41:54

We had a Filiz at school (turkish I think). Phyllida Hawes in Rebus books is a bit two-faced/weak so has negative connotations for me. Philippa is lovely though...

notsoteenagemum Sat 23-Aug-08 09:56:34

My Grandma was Phyllis and she hated it she got called cyphyllis at school for one and she said everyone called her Phil which was manly. Sorry I don't usually dis peoples names (except a local Mum who called her kid Burberry) but she felt really strongly and as she died this year it's fresh in my mind.

3andnomore Sat 23-Aug-08 10:31:32

I love the name Phyllis
I have met a beautyful little girl with the name and an equally lovely old lady a few years later.
I htink it's a pretty name
Phyllida...not so sure about, sorry!

PookiePodgeandTubs Sat 23-Aug-08 11:30:27

Reminds me of Syphyllis I'm afraid.

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