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Leif for a boy?? means 'beloved'

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minkersmum Thu 21-Aug-08 22:46:16

trying to find a boys name that me and dp both like, really struggling.

He likes Euan and Ivan

I like Flynn and Archie

Whilst i 'don't mind' his names he hates my suggestions.

Girls names not a problem, why are boys names so much harder.

So i found Leif, quite like it but thinking is it manly enough?? Dp likes it (tonight).

Opinions please.

CountessDracula Thu 21-Aug-08 22:46:46

Leif Garrett

is all it makes me think of

onebatmother Thu 21-Aug-08 22:48:21

minkers you must be under 38.

Leif Garratt was my first crush. I say first, I mean second, after Donny Osmond. I say second, I mean third, after Jimmy Osmond.

ChippyMinton Thu 21-Aug-08 22:48:29

you may be too young to remember Leif Garrett (hearthrob!)

Dior Thu 21-Aug-08 22:48:51

Message withdrawn

ChippyMinton Thu 21-Aug-08 22:48:58


Quattrocento Thu 21-Aug-08 22:49:06

'You are old Countess Dracula', quattrocento said,
'And your hair has become very white;
And yet you incessantly stand on your head --
Do you think, at your age, it is right?

minkersmum Thu 21-Aug-08 22:49:52

Who is Leif Garrett??

ScaredOfEverything Thu 21-Aug-08 22:50:34

Leif is dutch for kind / nice

wessexgirl Thu 21-Aug-08 22:51:49

Leif Garrett in his sweatband, ahhh, the memories.

I know an RL guy called Leif; everyone pronounces it 'Life'.

minkersmum Thu 21-Aug-08 22:52:29

Yes i am under 38!! looked at link tho and mmm our taste in heart throbs very different!! Thought it was a women!!!
So is it a shite name or ok??

ChippyMinton Thu 21-Aug-08 22:52:52

PS I like the name!

cece Thu 21-Aug-08 22:59:33

I was just going to say Leif Garret as well. Showing our age blush

Snowleopard Thu 21-Aug-08 23:03:26

It makes me think of 10th-century Viking explorer Leif Eiriksson. And it doesn't get much cooler than that...

scottishmummy Thu 21-Aug-08 23:05:44

dont know who leif garrett is.but hey Euan is a winner

onebatmother Thu 21-Aug-08 23:11:11

sweet jeezum

cece Thu 21-Aug-08 23:13:27

onebatmother [sigh]

I used to have his poster on my wall blush

scottishmummy Thu 21-Aug-08 23:15:01

awwww euro-priddy boy type?look like he would spend too much time preening for my liking

onebatmother Thu 21-Aug-08 23:15:11

then you and I, cece, are both lesbians.

purplemunkey Thu 21-Aug-08 23:17:35

I have a friend called Leaf ( his name is spelt like that by the way - hippy parents maybe?)

I really like it as a name actually. Although he'll probably spend his whole life spelling it out for people and being called Lee!

LittleBella Thu 21-Aug-08 23:19:46

Yes it's cool.
Also thought of Leif Erikson

minkersmum Thu 21-Aug-08 23:52:09

Thanks for responses! Are all the brutal people sleeping?? lol!!

Bet dp changes his mind in the morn!!

mrswoolf Fri 22-Aug-08 00:09:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lastboxoftampons Fri 22-Aug-08 10:31:27

I dated a boy named Leif when I was in high school grin I like it.

How do you intend to pronounce it? I've heard it like LEAF or LIFE, but his was pronounced LAYFE

ShowOfHands Fri 22-Aug-08 10:34:34

It's nice and a bit different. I like Ivan too, but prefer Ivo.

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