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finneganswake Mon 18-Aug-08 12:04:09

Dp has mentioned that he likes this. I'm not sure.
Opinions would be helpful.

DisenchantedPlusBump Mon 18-Aug-08 12:05:34

If you have a girl will you call her Becky?

I don't like it, sorry.

mishymoo Mon 18-Aug-08 12:06:48

It reminds me of Barnaby Bear - not keen sorry!

finneganswake Mon 18-Aug-08 12:07:21

Becky?? hmm

DisenchantedPlusBump Mon 18-Aug-08 12:12:01

Becky and Barnaby Bear

cremolafoam Mon 18-Aug-08 12:14:08


MrsJamin Mon 18-Aug-08 12:16:58

barnaby's a great name, I know of a cute little boy with the name, normally shortened to 'barney'.

mrswoolf Mon 18-Aug-08 12:17:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

procrastinatingparent Mon 18-Aug-08 12:17:42

I have a Barnaby. In terms of nicknames he gets Barnes, or Barnaboy, but not yet Barney, which I don't like so much.

And yes, I do sometimes call him Barnaby Bear ...

branflake81 Mon 18-Aug-08 12:20:54

Don't like it. Sorry.

hatrick Mon 18-Aug-08 13:08:35

Message withdrawn

FattipuffsandThinnifers Mon 18-Aug-08 13:10:14

I love it - was on list for DS but I was overruled.

PuppyMonkey Mon 18-Aug-08 13:10:32

Eeeek. No.

We too have a Barnaby! He refuses to be called anything else than full on Barnaby, and frankly neither me nor any of my friends (bar one) has ever heard of Barnaby bear nor ever mentioned it.

MrsMattie Mon 18-Aug-08 18:00:35


EffiePerine Mon 18-Aug-08 18:04:36

I'd go for barnabas

LaDiDaDi Mon 18-Aug-08 18:08:11

I think it's great.

ethanchristopher Mon 18-Aug-08 18:11:10

no dont do it!!

Slubberdegullion Mon 18-Aug-08 18:12:19

My first true love was a Barnaby. Everyone called him Barnes. I like it.

TheOldestCat Mon 18-Aug-08 19:54:29

My friend's DH is Barnaby. It's a fantastic name!

nancy75 Mon 18-Aug-08 19:55:54

my best friend is called barnaby, i love the name.

ranting Mon 18-Aug-08 19:56:52

My mate has a Barnaby and he's always been called Barney, wouldn't have been a name I'd have chosen but I quite like it, mainly because the Barney we know is a sweetie.

PootyApplewater Mon 18-Aug-08 19:57:36

Love it! smile

jellybeans Wed 20-Aug-08 13:11:12

I really don't like it, sorry.

JessJess3908 Thu 28-Aug-08 12:29:03

It's lovely wink

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