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So... has anyone who has ever started a baby name thread actually chosen from a MNer suggestion

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ten10 Mon 04-Aug-08 19:19:25

I was just wondering if anyone has actually named their child because of post from another MNer?

Did you drastically change your mind away from your first choice?

Were you really disappointed that people didn't like your choice?

(but you don't need to post actual names)

I ask because we would not discuss names with anyone before my DS was born, but probably would have done on MN if I had known about it when I was preggers, because it is 'anonymous'.

Dragonbutter Mon 04-Aug-08 21:04:08

chaoskay recently named her baby after a suggestion i made.
i think it was a nature baby names thread.
i suggested it because it's also DS2's name.

insywinsyspider Tue 05-Aug-08 22:40:46

I have a thread going about middle names to go with name Bear as wouldn't tell anyone irl thats what we're thinking - MNer's reactions can be really harsh, I think the anonimity gives some people licience to be really rude but it has made me think twice bout using it as a first name as I guess they are saying what others might be thinking irl but not bold enough if say when presented with newborn...

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