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Mack-Max-Cormac - HELP

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chandellina Sun 03-Aug-08 15:54:31

Hi, i'm in need of last minute help on baby's name. This question was basically in my earlier thread on Max - a cop out? - but I'm just looking to wrap things up now with Mack vs. Max vs. Cormac(k)/Mack

We are leaning toward Mack for baby's day to day name. Is this too unusual or strange sounding? His surname is Mitchell. I know not everyone likes the M-M alliteration thing, but for us that is a positive.

Middle name is my surname - Patrick.

To add to baby's options if he hates Mack (or becomes a big fatty and is called Big Mac - LOL), we could call him Cormac/k (with our without k??) Then he could use Corey, etc.

Cormac is probably my personal preference for the birth certificate, because i like more traditional names and options. DH would be happy with just Mack, i think, though the Cormac idea grew from our shared love of the American author Cormac McCarthy.

Thirdly, should we just ditch the whole Mack thing and settle for the more well-known Max??

Baby looks more like a Mack to us but we don't want to saddle him with a pain in the butt name.

Thanks to all!! baby now 5 days old ... blush

suwoo Sun 03-Aug-08 16:07:38

I know someone who names their DS Mac. Out of the options you have given, I would say Cormac and then you can call him Mac/Mack. He is your DS- your decision. Oh and congratulations.

belgo Sun 03-Aug-08 16:11:10

I wouldn't go for Mack as a main name, that's a little odd.

I like Cormac and Max.

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