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which girls name?

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bogie Fri 01-Aug-08 15:50:56

I have decided that I want Phoebe Rose but I don't think dp is soo keen he likes,
Pippa (Phillippa)
Rosie (Rose)
but he doesn't know which middle names.

So what do you all think? I don't dislike the names he likes but I really like my choice

berolina Fri 01-Aug-08 15:54:45

I like them all, but especially Philippa (not so keen on Pippa though) - distinguished and unusual.

bogie Fri 01-Aug-08 16:21:27

oh and he likes Miranda aswell

cyteen Fri 01-Aug-08 16:23:16

I like Miranda, Abigail and Rosie - not keen on Philippa or Pippa (usual disclaimer applies).

Tigerschick Fri 01-Aug-08 16:24:52

I really like Phoebe Rose tho Phillippa Rose is also very nice.
I love the name Phillippa but my dad is Philip so it's a no-go for us ...

Songbird Fri 01-Aug-08 16:25:26

Mmn, not so keen on Philippa myself. I'm not keen on Phoebe either - sorry. I'm very well acquainted (iykwim) with an Abigail Elizabeth, which I've warmed to over the years. I absolutely lurve the name Rosie/Rose. Abigail Rose is nice smile

girlsallaround Fri 01-Aug-08 16:26:14

Miranda Rose sounds lovely
so does Phillippa Rose

FranSanDisco Fri 01-Aug-08 16:29:54

Phoebe Rose would be my choice.

AbbeyA Fri 01-Aug-08 16:31:48

I like Philippa but hate the shortened forms.
Not too keen on Phoebe.
Abigail and Miranda are nice as is Rosie/Rosie/Rosamund/Rosalind.
Rose Elizabeth sounds nice.
Or put Philippa as a second name so that no one shortens it.

CantSleepWontSleep Fri 01-Aug-08 16:43:54

I have a Philippa Rose, so no prizes for guessing what gets my vote!

nickeldime Fri 01-Aug-08 16:44:31

Wouldn't go for Philippa/Pippa; they sound kind of aristocratic and dated.

Rose/Rosie is great - apparently Rose is most popular, followed by Rosa, then Rosemary.. seen at:
baby name Rose

Songbird Fri 01-Aug-08 16:46:43

Sophie's pretty. Sophie Rose....

jellybeans Fri 01-Aug-08 17:24:06

Philippa is nice.

clairebear88 Fri 01-Aug-08 18:03:00


great choices as many are on my list for future dd. I will be having Rose as a middle name to for family reasons so my list is


Im not too keen on Phillipa or Miranda though sorry.

frazzledoldbag34 Fri 01-Aug-08 19:33:40

Rosie and Pheobe are my favorites of those listed. But not sure you could use them together?
I like your choice of Pheobe Rose actually.
Classy and pretty too.

nappyaddict Mon 04-Aug-08 01:42:48

Pippa Rose

carrieon Mon 04-Aug-08 14:18:34

I know a Philippa whose sister is Alexandra. They're known as Phil and Alex and everyone thinks their parents secretly wanted sons!

I like Abigail best, means something like 'father's joy' which little girls usually are

pacita Fri 08-Aug-08 17:44:13

I like most of the names on the list, but my favourite would be just Rose or Rosie.

SlartyBartFast Fri 08-Aug-08 17:49:03

i like pippa

HonoriaGlossop Fri 08-Aug-08 18:26:55

Agree with pacita that just Rose is perfect.

or if not, Phoebe Rose is the best on the list. If that's what you want - have it! When your DP carries the baby then HE can have the casting vote, IMO!

CompletelyDotty Fri 08-Aug-08 18:35:23

i love the name Phoebe Rose! ignore what dp says it's a beautiful name!

3andnomore Fri 08-Aug-08 19:07:33

really hope you can get him to go with your choice...Phoebe Rose is a gorgeous name

Abigail -lovely name
Pippa (Phillippa)- don't like Pippa but Phillippa is nice
Rosie (Rose)- not keen on Rosie, but Rose is a lovely name

Tas1 Fri 08-Aug-08 19:27:54

My DD is Phoebe Olivia.

bogie Fri 08-Aug-08 19:33:25

can't have rose as we have an auntie called rose who we see all the time.

LynetteScavo Fri 08-Aug-08 19:35:11

Tell him not to mess with a hormonal woman. Phoebe it is!

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