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loobylu3 Tue 29-Jul-08 20:14:30

Would like to run a couple more names past everyone to see the general reaction.

Thinking about the name Monty which I think a great name. What do you all think? Is it too poncey or more suited to a dog?

Also like Theodore (Theo) and Rafael (though we aren't Spanish).

Also have several more traditional, popular names on the list but may be tricky getting DH to agree so exploring all options!!

MaloryTowersUrbaniteLady Tue 29-Jul-08 20:15:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RustyBear Tue 29-Jul-08 20:15:53

Still says Python to me...

Califrau Tue 29-Jul-08 20:16:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TwoWashTutter Tue 29-Jul-08 20:16:59

theo ok

monty no

Ellbell Tue 29-Jul-08 20:17:17

Or Uncle Monty in 'Withnail and I'?

DorrisMcWhirter Tue 29-Jul-08 20:17:49

Monty = dog, sorry
Theo - like it (but do find myself humming the theme to 'The Chipmunks', sorry again!)
Rafael = teenage mutant hero turtle

I'm just not helpful am I?
Theo is best grin

Sidge Tue 29-Jul-08 20:18:18

Monty is a dog's name. My dad's dog's name actually!

Definitely not Rafael unless you have a Spanish connection.

Theo is ok. Dull but ok.

bluenosesaint Tue 29-Jul-08 20:19:07

Monty - no
Rafael - no
Theo - yes

funnypeculiar Tue 29-Jul-08 20:19:37

I know a Monty (he's 4) - suits him down to the ground. So a yes from me.

Love Theo & Rafael too though. Specially Rafael - although less sure about Raf (which is what it WOULD be shortened to...

moondog Tue 29-Jul-08 20:20:15

Christ, no.

vanloadtovenice Tue 29-Jul-08 20:26:06

Gosh, aren't people mean! I like them all, but Rafael was on our boy list too. Have a friend with a monty, like it very much - would you have Montague? Know an our age Raf, he is also called Raffy which is cool too. Either Raffy or Monty for me!

frazzledoldbag34 Tue 29-Jul-08 20:26:29

Big YES for Monty (but then I do like the unusual).

But yes, nice.
Also yes to Theo

Big Fat No to Rafael though. Sounds poncy and pretentious if you're not spanish!!!

Go with Monty. Sounds characterful

Byeethan Tue 29-Jul-08 20:27:15

I had a cat called Monty, after the Pythons

Janni Tue 29-Jul-08 20:27:15

Don't like Monty

southeastastra Tue 29-Jul-08 20:30:02

you have to call him montgomery don't you, not just monty

meglet Tue 29-Jul-08 20:31:25

Monty is great. The cricketer (Panesar) is cool.

Theodore and Rafael are nice too.

RustyBear Tue 29-Jul-08 20:31:56

Why do you say we're mean, vanload? OP wanted to 'see the general reaction' & that's what she got.

chipmonkey Tue 29-Jul-08 20:34:55

I knew a little Monty once and he was quite cute, one of twins. So that has biased me in favour of Monty!grin

CantSleepWontSleep Tue 29-Jul-08 20:35:06

I like Monty/Montgomery, but there are 2 baby Montys by us already!

lilQuidditchKel Tue 29-Jul-08 20:36:41

absolutely NEVER

funnypeculiar Tue 29-Jul-08 20:37:56

Am also assuming you'll have a 'long name' - reckon your options are Montmorency, Montague or Montgomery grin

EffiePerine Tue 29-Jul-08 20:38:24

Theodore is OK

Uncle Monty - no

Rafael - if not spanish would spell Raphael - not keen

EffiePerine Tue 29-Jul-08 20:38:59

Montmorency is a good name

the dog in 3 men in a boat IIRC

DumbledoresGirl Tue 29-Jul-08 20:40:57

I know a Monty, aged 5. I educated my children the other day explaining who Field Marshall Montgomery of Alamein was...

I like it as a name. Theo is good too. I love Rafael as a name but I do think you could only use it if married to a Spaniard/Italian. Everyone will know you have a lust for Nadal, won't they?! grin

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