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Cressida and Ottilie

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mrswoolf Mon 28-Jul-08 16:48:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlelapin Mon 28-Jul-08 16:50:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hanaflower Mon 28-Jul-08 16:50:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JulesJules Mon 28-Jul-08 16:51:02

I love them both, too. Ottilie my favourite. Gorgeous.

BoysAreLikeDogs Mon 28-Jul-08 16:51:16

Ottilie is luscious, was on my girl list but I got boys instead.

MatNanPlus Mon 28-Jul-08 16:51:54

Cressida yes, undecided on Ottilie, would you say O TIL EE or OTT E LE?

MadameOvary Mon 28-Jul-08 16:53:03

Ottilie is lovely but also sounds like "utterly" in an Irish accent.
Cressida - what hanaflower said.

Hulababy Mon 28-Jul-08 17:02:05

Not keen on either, sorry.

LynetteScavo Mon 28-Jul-08 17:05:30

Hate Cressida

Love Ottilie smile

nooka Mon 28-Jul-08 17:20:03

I have a feeling we once knew a Cressida. I like it. Ottilie makes me think of dd's Barbie movies collection, I think one of the heroines is Ottilie. I would assume pronounced "O-til" (but french sounding). I suspect pronunciation might be an issue though

allgonebellyup Mon 28-Jul-08 17:20:56

love both

DisenchantedPlusBump Mon 28-Jul-08 17:21:40

ottilie butterly?

hatrick Mon 28-Jul-08 17:37:52

Message withdrawn

hw2004 Mon 28-Jul-08 17:38:16

Not keen on Ottile but I think that's because there is a school in my town called Ottile Hild and it just reminds me of that.

I'd have to think about cressida for a bit - not sure. How could you shorten it?

Dragonbutter Mon 28-Jul-08 17:39:58

I knew an Ottilie in school. It's a great name.
not so sure about cressida. maybe it's a grower.

misselizabethbennett Mon 28-Jul-08 17:41:54

My sister wanted to call her twins Egbert and Cressida grin

PrimulaVeris Mon 28-Jul-08 17:42:21

Egg & cressida
Ottolie/Ottoline is much better

TheMagnificent7 Mon 28-Jul-08 17:42:38

Cressida is on a par with Nigella, just sounds contrived, even though it isn't. Now DisenchatnedPB has said Ottilie Butterly I'd never get it out of my head.

moondog Mon 28-Jul-08 17:45:04

Dreadful and affected. Scream 'aspirational'.

JRocks Mon 28-Jul-08 17:46:43

I like Ottilie, not keen on Cressida

TheProvincialLady Mon 28-Jul-08 17:47:47

Wankeloi and Poncita in my opinion, sorry.

LadyThompson Mon 28-Jul-08 17:47:58

You are on my wavelength as you also liked Augusta. Ottilie is lovely too.

I'm afraid we are going to be in the minority grin

However, Cressida is not to my taste and is what the Modern Parents in Viz called their second child (he's a boy - they are THAT right on)

Not telling you what I am actually going to call forthcoming DD as you are bound to like it!

AbbeyA Mon 28-Jul-08 18:03:03

I like Ottilie but I think you would have to shorten to Tilly to stop people calling her Ot or Otty.
I don't like Cressida.

mrswoolf Mon 28-Jul-08 18:25:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadyThompson Mon 28-Jul-08 18:27:12

Cecilia was on our list as well. Enid wasn't.

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