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Middle name to go with Lydia?

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DisenchantedPlusBump Sat 26-Jul-08 11:29:22

I was thinking Mae, but it sounds a bit country and western!

Surname is Sales


Im getting fed up with this, can't decide.

(Lydia isn't definate just trying it out )

copingvquietly Sat 26-Jul-08 11:30:39


thumbwitch Sat 26-Jul-08 11:31:15

I like Lydia, it's a good name

HongKongFoeey Sat 26-Jul-08 11:32:42

ooh yes jane-lydia jane sales sounds lovely

CarGirl Sat 26-Jul-08 11:33:24

I thought May - definately a one syllable thing would be best I think


wheresthehamster Sat 26-Jul-08 11:36:35

Hmm... I was thinking 2-syllables would be better like Lucy or Suzie or (from the other thread) Nancy

DisenchantedPlusBump Sat 26-Jul-08 11:37:04

DH doesn't like the name Lydia but that doesn't matter wink he didn't like DS2s name at first either! lol

ExterminAitch Sat 26-Jul-08 11:39:30


seriously, my dad worked with someone called lydia kettle. grin

DisenchantedPlusBump Sat 26-Jul-08 11:40:11


stepfordwife Sat 26-Jul-08 11:40:36

my friend's daughter is lydia rose
really pretty

differentID Sat 26-Jul-08 11:40:46

Lydia Margaret Sales has a nice sound to it. Margaret is used far less often than single syllable names. How about Eleanor, hang on maybe not.

serenity Sat 26-Jul-08 11:41:04

DD is Lydia, and she has a three syllable middle name smile but she has a three syllable surname too, so it goes.

I think you could go long or short with your surname, but I like the sound of the short ones - I think anything other than another 'a' ending one

DisenchantedPlusBump Sat 26-Jul-08 11:50:55

ive liked it since before I was pregnant and just keep coming back to it

corblimeymadam Sat 26-Jul-08 12:01:42

Message withdrawn

thumbwitch Sat 26-Jul-08 12:06:03

Mary would work too

PotPourri Sat 26-Jul-08 12:06:21

I think one syllible (sp??). Rose, Jane, Mae is nice, ruth, jean, joan, anne, kay, belle, marie (2 syllibles though)

jellybeans Sat 26-Jul-08 12:10:03



turquoise Sat 26-Jul-08 12:14:24

Agree Mary is perfect, and so under-used now.

My friend has a Lydia Alice.



solo Sat 26-Jul-08 12:19:42

My Dd's second and third names are Lydia Grace...should be a single syllable IMO.
Lydia Grace Sales...rolls off the tongue.
I think Lydia Rose Sales is nice too.

belgo Sat 26-Jul-08 12:21:12

Lydia Mary or Lydia Marie are both very nice.

Not May/Mae - seems so over used.

jojosmaman Sat 26-Jul-08 12:33:20

Lydia Amber Rose

MaloryTowersUrbaniteLady Sat 26-Jul-08 12:35:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DisenchantedPlusBump Sat 26-Jul-08 14:52:53

I do love Rose, but the names a bit of a no-no in our family, I won't go into details but there was rose who caused a bit of trouble with my mum when we were younger!

Grace is lovely too.

Will show DH these suggestions later, hopefully something will at least interest him! hmm grin

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