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Nancy, Cecily & Connie

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Spink Sat 26-Jul-08 10:41:46

I've done my boy's name survey, now it is time for girls!!

what do you think? Middle name will be Anne after dh's ma.

notasheep Sat 26-Jul-08 10:44:22

Sorry not keen on any of them

shreddies Sat 26-Jul-08 10:45:10

I like all of them, would probably go for Nancy

wheresthehamster Sat 26-Jul-08 10:51:02

Love Connie. I wanted a Connie but DP said only if she was registered as Constance so we went with Anna. Not sure about Connie Anne though hmm

Nancy is just a derivation of Anne isn't it?

Cecily goes best with Anne but will get shortened to Sissy

ruty Sat 26-Jul-08 10:51:50

I like all of them, and considered all of them for DD [especially Cecily] Least keen on Connie, love Constance, but don't like Connie for some reason.

Spink Sat 26-Jul-08 11:05:24

ooh, I'm going to check out the Nancy derivation of Anne thing, hadn't heard that.

I don't mind Cecily being shortened to Sissy, think it is sweet, and Sissy Spacek is really cool smile. If we were thinking of calling a boy Cecil and you'd pointed out the Sissy thing, would have been more of an issue!

I think Connie might be dropping out of the running, Connie Anne doesn't sound great, does it? and we are definite on the Anne part.

Tatties Sat 26-Jul-08 11:16:32

I love Cecily, and it goes really well with Anne

thumbwitch Sat 26-Jul-08 11:27:44

I have always loved Cecily and would love to have a DD called that but DH vetoed it. Lucky our DC was a DS really. Nancy is a derivative of Ann(e), yes.

benandoli Sat 26-Jul-08 13:10:21

love connie and nancy

hatrick Sat 26-Jul-08 13:12:19

Message withdrawn

zwiggy Sat 26-Jul-08 13:14:12

I like all of them but I don't think they go with anne as a middle name.

What about the other way round - Anne Cecily.

Nancy and Anne are the same really I think. And connie anne is difficult

turquoise Sat 26-Jul-08 13:17:22

I like Cecily and Nancy but think Cecily goes best with Anne.

nickeldime Sat 26-Jul-08 18:45:10

Like Cecily best too. It sounds less dated. Nancy and Connie were very common about 50 years ago, but they've dropped off in use drastically:

MingMingtheWonderPet Sat 26-Jul-08 19:02:17

Am loving the website babynamespedia!
Have checked out all our family names!

mrswoolf Sat 26-Jul-08 19:40:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pointydog Sat 26-Jul-08 19:54:17

Constance, Connie best

pointydog Sat 26-Jul-08 19:54:43

Constance Anne

MakemineaGandT Sat 26-Jul-08 20:38:04

mrs woolf - where do you get those stats from for the UK? I have only ever seen top 100 names.....

MonkeyMargot Sat 26-Jul-08 20:41:49

Nancy is cute, Connie makes me think of Connie fact, I'm wondering if you aren't a bit of an "I'd Do Anything" fan?!
Cecily is gorgeous - and is one of my top three if mine's a girl.

midnightexpress Sat 26-Jul-08 20:45:15

Like them all, but agree with others that Cecily goes best with Anne. Also the most unusual, if that's what you're looking for. Also like Constance.

MaloryTowersUrbaniteLady Sat 26-Jul-08 20:46:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pointydog Sat 26-Jul-08 20:55:07

I find Cecily too sseh-sseh-sseh

pointydog Sat 26-Jul-08 20:55:23

Celia is nicer

EachPeachPearMum Sat 26-Jul-08 21:06:12

I love Cecily... but you can't use it- its on my list grin
I like Nancy a lot too, but as a nickname, not a given name.
I like Constance, but not Connie, which I believe is what Ruty said too.
Actually, Constance is on our list, but probably won't be used, as DH points out, we'll never be able to prevent people calling her Connie.

Doobydoo Sat 26-Jul-08 21:08:11

Love all 3.Ds2 would have been called Nancy.

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