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Scuff Wed 18-Jun-08 22:16:28

What do you think?

onebatmother Wed 18-Jun-08 22:17:11

I like Chlamydia boom boom

onebatmother Wed 18-Jun-08 22:17:42

Actually I used to know a Candida and I think it's rather gracious and airy.

notasheep Wed 18-Jun-08 22:18:17

canestan sprang to mind

NotDoingTheHousework Wed 18-Jun-08 22:18:45

Message withdrawn

Tortington Wed 18-Jun-08 22:19:37

lovely candida anigav

TheSmallClanger Wed 18-Jun-08 23:42:09

It means thrush. Exactly what you don't want when you're a teenage girl.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kateri Wed 18-Jun-08 23:58:02

It means "white" in Latin.

It'd be a nice name, if it wasn't for the whole thrush thing...

mrswoolf Thu 19-Jun-08 00:01:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

UnquietDad Thu 19-Jun-08 00:01:57

The keyboard player in Pulp was called Candida.

Bronze Thu 19-Jun-08 00:03:25

You got there first UQD. Thats who I thought of.

Weegiemum Thu 19-Jun-08 01:54:00

Thought we might call our dd2 Mirena cos it was that failure that caused her to be ...

Mirena Candida?

Mirena Chlamydia?

Mirena Ciprofloxacin? (I had to take it a lot when pg for kidney infections? Too health conscious perhaps???)

Weegiemum Thu 19-Jun-08 01:54:19

btw she is 4 and has a name!!

thumbwitch Thu 19-Jun-08 02:05:46

history of candida
my Latin dictionary has some lovely meanings for candidus/a - shining white, beautiful, brilliant, dazzling. Shame about the fungus nicking the name! There even appears to be a Saint Candida.. ironic really grin

ManhattanMama Thu 19-Jun-08 02:30:32

Sounds a bit yeasty to me...

slim22 Thu 19-Jun-08 03:26:19

no no no

olyoly Thu 19-Jun-08 04:50:08

Oh no! Google it, and you get pages of treatment options.

sweetkitty Thu 19-Jun-08 04:57:09

No no no don't call your precious DD after a yeast that causes thrush

You could go the whole hog and give her the proper latin Candida albicans

UnquietDad Thu 19-Jun-08 09:22:51

Candida Doyle

in Pulp

BecauseImWorthIt Thu 19-Jun-08 09:30:39

And her sister, Cystitis

nailpolish Thu 19-Jun-08 09:31:33

Candice is nice

ellideb Thu 19-Jun-08 09:38:52

Candida Crewe, author and recovering anorexic/bulimic.

LuLuBai Thu 19-Jun-08 10:07:02

Candida Lycett Green - daughter of former poet laureate John Betjemen

How about Hernia or Gonorrhea -just open your medical dictionary for further inspiration. Lots of popular ailments sound like Shakespearian princesses.

greenelizabeth Thu 19-Jun-08 17:30:35

HIDEOUS. I can't believe some poor women really have this name.


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