What do you think of Ariane for a girl

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snookie28 Sat 07-Jun-08 18:53:54

We are trying to think of possible name for dc2. A boy's name is not a prob but we are struggling with a girl's name. My husband (who is French) has proposed Ariane. I like it but have some reservations.

Will people in the UK think it is a made-up name (my pet-hate smile)? Are we condemning her to a life of having to spell her name for people. Our surname is french and no one here can spell it so she would have to spell out both names. DD1 has got a v "boring" name which works equally in french and english.

Opinions please

fawkeoff Sat 07-Jun-08 18:56:21

it reminds me of the arian race that hitler wanted to breed

janeite Sat 07-Jun-08 18:56:24

Well Ariadne is a Borrower's name and is lovely!

How do you pronounce Ariane - is it like it sounds? I think it's pretty.

Collision Sat 07-Jun-08 18:57:33

Arianne might be easier as they would say ann rather than ayyyyne

Collision Sat 07-Jun-08 18:58:03

I love Ariadne!

GruffaloSoldier Sat 07-Jun-08 19:14:55

Thought it was Arrietty in The Borrowers? I quite like the name Ariane, was thinking of Ariana too.

janeite Sat 07-Jun-08 19:22:58

Oh it is, you're right! Ariadne is the girl that helped Theseus!

snookie28 Sat 07-Jun-08 19:23:01

Is pronounced Arianne. Its origins are from the greek Ariadne. Hadn't thought of the pronunciation issues if spelt Ariane instead of Arianne. The french spell it Ariane though so would be taking the name then changing the spelling to appeal to british pronunciation.

janeite Sat 07-Jun-08 19:24:32

I wouldn't change the spelling; it's lovely. As is Ariadne!

mellyonion Sat 07-Jun-08 19:30:34

i really love it!

its different, definately not made up.

(in my head i'm saying it like marianne without the a...is that right?)

Mavornia Sat 07-Jun-08 19:31:33

Very pretty but I prefer Arianna

ChippyMinton Sat 07-Jun-08 19:32:50

Many years ago I knew an Ariane, she was French. Lovely name.

puffling Sat 07-Jun-08 19:34:56

Good choice. It's familiar to me and I expect most people will pronounce it correctly.

bohemianbint Sat 07-Jun-08 19:38:14

I like it, we were considering Arianwen (welsh!) if we have a girl, but Ariane is less of a mouthfull and very pretty.

artichokes Sat 07-Jun-08 19:38:15

I like it. I do not think many people in the UK will think it is made up, I have heard it many times before. Even if they have never heard it, if it goes with a French surname they will assume it is French. It is also not too hard to spell. Call her Catherine/Kathryn/Katherine and she will spend more time explaining how to spell it even though it is very popular.

I considered Ariana for our DD.

snookie28 Sat 07-Jun-08 19:40:53

Thank you for the comments. Am feeling much happier about it now. Strange how the views of total strangers can set your mind at ease.

Good job really as dh other suggestions were Armelle for a girl which to me conjures up a 60 year old chain smoker and Kevin for a boy - to which i accidently snorted water through my nose smile

brimfull Sat 07-Jun-08 19:43:18

Ariane is a lovely name

janeite Sat 07-Jun-08 19:44:27

Lol at Kevin. Although the only Kevin I know is actually lovely.

Aero Sat 07-Jun-08 19:47:09

Lovely name - I like the spelling and wouldn't change it. No-one says Di-ayyyn for Diane for example, so it shouldn't be a problem spelling it the original way, (but I'm sure there'll always be one or two who get it wrong from time to time).

Ariana also nice, but prefer Ariane.

ButterflyBessie Sat 07-Jun-08 19:48:40

If he is French then what about Fabian? You could shorten it to Fabgrin.

I would have loved to have called ds this but as we are English I personally think it would have been pretentious

pointydog Sat 07-Jun-08 20:00:28

I like the name Kevin. There will be a huge revival of it one day, I bet ya.

CantSleepWontSleep Sat 07-Jun-08 21:57:35

The English spelling is Arianne. One of my best friends has a dd with this name.

It's also the name of a hit song by Tasmin Archer from around 1992ish iirc.

CantSleepWontSleep Sat 07-Jun-08 22:00:32

Ah, Tasmin Archer's was spelled Arienne.

saadia Sat 07-Jun-08 22:02:45

I like it but isn't it the name of a space project?

GreenElizabeth Sat 07-Jun-08 22:02:46

Well I used to know an Argentinean girl called Arianne, so I knew it wasn't made up.

I think I prefer the spelling Arianne. It looks more French.

I like it. Don't love it. Arianna sounds madeuppy-anna and I don't like that. But Arianne sounds like a proper name. Elegant rather than girly.

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