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Dexter - morally wrong to name your child after a fictional serial killer?

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Naetha Fri 06-Jun-08 09:54:34

DH and I are a big fan of the Dexter books and TV series. We also love the name Dexter, and are planning to use this if we ever have DS2.

How does it stand to give your child a name that is shared with (albeit a very charming and not real) a serial killer?

Is he going to be scarred for life? hmm

peggotty Fri 06-Jun-08 09:56:38

I think the series is reasonably obscure so people are not automatically going to associate it with a serial killer grin. It makes me think of Dexter Fletcher (anyone remember Press Gang?)

fryalot Fri 06-Jun-08 09:57:03

hang, on, I'll just ask my neighbour Hannibal if he has been affected by his name...

Seriously, if you like the name, go for it, The Dexter series is current now, but who will have heard of it in ten years? Don't worry about it.

LittleMyDancing Fri 06-Jun-08 09:57:05

all Jacks share a name with Jack the Ripper...

by the tim your DS is old enough to spell his name, Dexter the Serial Killer will be old news.

I like the name. wink

madamez Fri 06-Jun-08 09:57:19

SHouldn't think so. By the time he and his classmates are old enough to tease each other about such things as names, the TV programme will have been long forgotten.

Mind you, don#t blame me if your DS grows up to be a crazed knife-wielding vigilante.... grin

nickytwotimes Fri 06-Jun-08 09:58:49

pmsl Squonk!

I don't think he'll be scared for life, no.

fryalot Fri 06-Jun-08 09:59:12

we have a Dexter in our village and even though he has been around longer than Dexter the serial killer (well, certainly before I heard of Dexter the serial killer) I never actually put his name together as being the same as Dexter the serial killer.

(that sentence doesn't make much sense to me, hope you understand what I was trying to say)

serenity Fri 06-Jun-08 10:05:15

More likely to be associated with Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory smile

It's a nice name though.

SaintGeorge Fri 06-Jun-08 10:07:23

My niece Carrie gets on just fine.

They were a bit wary of crowning her as Queen at the school prom but otherwise....

tortoiseSHELL Fri 06-Jun-08 10:07:37

I think of Dex Dexter from Dynasty blush

Naetha Fri 06-Jun-08 10:19:57

Ahh I feel a bit better about it now - I thought I might cause endless psychological damage!

Comerscroft Fri 06-Jun-08 12:02:52

As Dexter means 'right' as in right-handed (dexterous), you cold always name his brother Sinister as in left-handed.

This would tie in well with the serial killer link.

Tortington Fri 06-Jun-08 12:05:02

i also think of dexters laboratory - cartoon

wilbur Fri 06-Jun-08 12:07:48

Oh I love, love, love Dexter (the name, don't watch the tv show). Ds2 was soooo nearly Dex, but dh got cold feet and thought it was a bit American and didn't go with Ds1 and dd's names. I was born in USA so that was a reason to love the name too. Should have put my foot down, or had a hormonal pregnancy tantrum. Still, I love the name we finally chose too. Go for it, I would say - the tv show will not be on forever.

hannah001 Fri 06-Jun-08 13:35:49

Dexter Fletcher for me too Peggotty. I used to think he was lovely grin.

Iklboo Fri 06-Jun-08 13:38:40

I think Dexter is a great name - I love the show but echo, who will have heard of it in 10 years time?

scorpio1 Fri 06-Jun-08 13:40:40

Dexter is my fictional ds3 name.

Umlellala Fri 06-Jun-08 13:48:36

Love Dexter. Dexter was dd's 'boy' name. And we nearly chose it for ds-on-the-way but then thought we couldn't cos it was dd's name iykwim.

But our choice for ds-on-the-way (Skyler)has had a few people going 'oh, isn't that the serial killer from Heroes'...

so we must have some sort of serial killer leaning shock wink

lulumama Fri 06-Jun-08 13:49:40

this is far worse an image than a serial killer wink

CountessDracula Fri 06-Jun-08 13:51:09

Well there are plenty of Freds and Peters and Ians and they are both serial killers

Oddly you don't hear of many Myras

OrmIrian Fri 06-Jun-08 13:52:15

It's a kind of cow too. Short horns, black coat I think. Does that help at all?

Umlellala Fri 06-Jun-08 14:00:30

oh no, I LOVE DExter from Dexter's lab.

lulumama Fri 06-Jun-08 14:05:11

me too actually... and dee dee....'oooh, what does that button do...?'

<<entire lab is razed to the ground>>

Eleta Sun 08-Jun-08 21:28:37

I am glad I am not the only one! I too loved the series, got a bit obsessed really and am tempted to call baby Dexter if it's a boy. DH also loved the programme but is less sure of the name as he doesn't think we would have liked the name if we hadn't watched it. Go for it!

Pinkglow Wed 02-Jul-08 10:39:58

its hardly 'Hannibal' now is it wink

I think of Dexters Labortory the cartoon show when I think of the name Dexter, or the actor Dextor Fletcher

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