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Stanley - Love it or hate it?

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AggiePanther Thu 05-Jun-08 14:00:02

I love it

hotpasty Thu 05-Jun-08 14:06:23

Someone I know has DS1 Stanley, DS2 Ollie... Did they realise?!

nickytwotimes Thu 05-Jun-08 14:06:50

I like it.

cheesesarnie Thu 05-Jun-08 14:07:07

i love it

Iklboo Thu 05-Jun-08 14:07:27

Personally, not for me. But it's not up to me. If YOU like it, that's all that matters

MargaretMountford Thu 05-Jun-08 14:08:40

mmm, no - it's trying too hard I think - fine for a dog or teddy bear

NotDoingTheHousework Thu 05-Jun-08 14:09:12

Message withdrawn

objectivity Thu 05-Jun-08 14:09:16

My ds2 has it as one of his middle names. Flat Stanley was slightly the inspiration.

It was exdp's choice bu I have grown to love it.

sophiewd Thu 05-Jun-08 14:10:00

Love it, sadly DH didn't.

jumpingbeans Thu 05-Jun-08 14:12:59

dd wanted this for dc2, all i could think of was a little boy with skinny legs,long baggy grey shorts, little wire rimmed glasses, made my heart ache,she had a dd so no Stanley ahhhh

meglet Thu 05-Jun-08 14:21:12

Loved it so much we used it!

lulumama Thu 05-Jun-08 14:21:57

i have a dog called stanley grin

solo Thu 05-Jun-08 14:23:27


hopefully Thu 05-Jun-08 14:28:33

A friend has it for her v v new DS. I thought it was really odd when i first heard it, but its totally grown on me, and now I really quite like it!

branflake81 Thu 05-Jun-08 14:28:40

No. Hate it. Sorry.

luckywinner Thu 05-Jun-08 14:30:15

love it love it.

AggiePanther Thu 05-Jun-08 15:11:46

Ooh well twice as many 'love it's as 'hate it's so far. Both DP and I love it and will probably use it - was just interested to see if we were alone smile

lilibet Thu 05-Jun-08 15:21:07

I have a nephew called Stanley, once I said at work that he had been born, so many other people knew babies called Stanley as well.

Strange how names come around

CantSleepWontSleep Thu 05-Jun-08 15:49:09

I think there's one at a toddler group I go to. Always sounds odd when he's called.

mummyeme Thu 05-Jun-08 15:55:27

Love it

hatrick Thu 05-Jun-08 16:18:44

Message withdrawn

artichokes Thu 05-Jun-08 16:19:39

really, really love it

belgo Thu 05-Jun-08 16:20:12

I like Stan. I wouldn't choose Stanley, but I have objection to it.

pagwatch Thu 05-Jun-08 16:20:47

I love it but I'm afraid I will always associated it with a man putting his pregnant girlfriend in the boot of his car and driving off a bridge.
Hope thats not a downer grin

mustsleep Thu 05-Jun-08 16:21:36

love it but dh does not

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