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Crap. I can't think of any boy names I like at all.

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bohemianbint Tue 03-Jun-08 15:59:26

If this next baby is a boy it will probably end up being called number 2.

There's one name I really like but DH hates it, and there's not another name I can think of that I'd be happy with.

Anyone else in the same boat? Maybe it'll be a girl, that would be slightly easier...

scorpio1 Tue 03-Jun-08 16:00:15

i love Dexter.

belgo Tue 03-Jun-08 16:01:58

does your dh not have any suggestions?

cyteen Tue 03-Jun-08 16:02:03

We have slowly accrued a very short shortlist of acceptable boy's names. By which I mean acceptable to me - DP isn't so bad, but I seem to be such a fusspot and really hate a lot of perfectly reasonable names blush

How long have you got to go, bb?

bohemianbint Tue 03-Jun-08 16:02:47

I suppose it would be more helpful if I said that DS's name is Scandinavian, like mine...Although the name I like this time is Jago, which is Cornish. But DH really doesn't like it.

We stopped thinking about it a few months ago to see if anything presented itself, but so far, no luck!

belgo Tue 03-Jun-08 16:04:56

Scandinavian names - are Lars and Sven too obvious?

bohemianbint Tue 03-Jun-08 16:05:18

DH has one or two, but I'm not so keen on them! Last time around it was so easy, we just knew from the 20wk scan what we would call DS. But we didn't find out the sex this time and we're both having a mental block.

10 ish weeks to go, cyteen! I can see a panic setting in and the poor kid being named something hormonal and ludicrous.

bohemianbint Tue 03-Jun-08 16:06:40

belgo - DH really likes Lars, but I got off with one once and he was a bit mad, it's put me off slightly...

nailpolish Tue 03-Jun-08 16:07:36

there are loads of nice boys names

here are some i like (ive had 2 girls!)


Co rin and Lindsay are my favourites

cyteen Tue 03-Jun-08 16:07:47

Aha...oh fuck, have just realised we've only got 12-ish weeks to go shock How did that happen?

Um, anyway, do you prefer unusual or trad? Or are you like me and just have very specific yet reasonless likes and dislikes?

belgo Tue 03-Jun-08 16:08:31


nailpolish Tue 03-Jun-08 16:08:35

we got both our names from watching the credits on telly grin

aGalChangedHerName Tue 03-Jun-08 16:09:27

Hmm i have two ds's who are Marc and Connor which i quite like obv lol

bohemianbint Tue 03-Jun-08 16:11:30

nailpolish, I really like Seamus, but DH says no.

Although the only name he likes this time, is one I liked last time and he didn't, IYSWIM, so maybe he might change his mind!

Cyteen, what date are you due? I quite like unusual as opposed to trad, but I dunno what's wrong with me at the moment, I've skimmed through 2 name books, (1000's of names!) and rejected the lot!

If it's a girl, we're shortlisting Daisy, Indiana, Violet, and Maia, and have recently rejected Skye and Arianwen.

bohemianbint Tue 03-Jun-08 16:13:10

Thor...I like Thor...but do you think the poor kid would be in for a lifetime of pisstaking unless they moved to Denmark?

(anyone remember that sketch on the muppet show;

"I am Thor - god of thunder, and I demand a library ticket!")

nailpolish Tue 03-Jun-08 16:13:41

Seamus is a fantastic name i hope he changes his mind

dont get worrying about it, maybe when you see your baby you will find it easier smile

cyteen Tue 03-Jun-08 16:14:08

I'm due on August 24th - first baby

How about Kester? It's a real name but uncommon - I know someone with a little Kester and it really suits him.

belgo Tue 03-Jun-08 16:14:20

nope, don't remember that sketch! But if your ds has a scandinavian name, has he been bullied for that?

belgo Tue 03-Jun-08 16:14:43


bohemianbint Tue 03-Jun-08 16:14:59

God, I hope so.

Am quite liking Tavis at this precise moment, I vaguely know one...

nailpolish Tue 03-Jun-08 16:15:05

lol @ "its a real name"

PinkPussyCat Tue 03-Jun-08 16:15:18


I love your girl's names btw

nailpolish Tue 03-Jun-08 16:15:22

what about Travis

bohemianbint Tue 03-Jun-08 16:16:39

belgo - DS is only 22 months so no bullying yet, but his name starts with a J but is pronounced as a Y, so that's probably going to cause some bother in later life. hmm

PinkPussyCat Tue 03-Jun-08 16:16:43

I like Travis too

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