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Heard of a Tre? Trey? Tray?

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UnquietDad Mon 02-Jun-08 09:21:26

One of the mums at school saying she is considering this for her newborn.

Can you imagine getting it to do kitchen chores? (in Yorks accent) "Fetch t'tray, Trey."

Any other children amusingly named after kitchen or dining accessories?

friendlyedjit Mon 02-Jun-08 09:25:15

There was a Tre I think on that really funny soap " sunset beach".Always reminded me of ash tray, it was an american thing!
Loved that soap, although don't think it was meant to be funny!!

Carnival Mon 02-Jun-08 09:26:53

I think there might have been a Tre in Sex and the City, maybe?

SniffyHock Mon 02-Jun-08 09:27:30

There was a Trey in Sex and the City. He was Charlotte's husband - Not a good association!

kayzisexpecting Mon 02-Jun-08 09:28:57

Trey means the third. A lot of american families call their third born if its a boy Trey. So it says in my baby name book.

UnquietDad Mon 02-Jun-08 09:30:29

Oh, gawd, "Shagging and Shoes and the farkin' City", I might have known.

franke Mon 02-Jun-08 09:30:46

Wasn't there a Tre (sp) on the apprentice last year?

Enid Mon 02-Jun-08 09:30:47

Tre was the little boy in Boyz and the Hood (great film btw)

Enid Mon 02-Jun-08 09:31:12

think it is common in the states

UnquietDad Mon 02-Jun-08 09:31:30

so there was, franke - had forgotten that.

MadBadandDangeroustoKnow Mon 02-Jun-08 16:20:59

There's more than one Tre in our school.

slinkiemalinki Mon 02-Jun-08 16:31:42

Tre from Apprentice 2007! Couldn't do it myself.

MargaretMountford Mon 02-Jun-08 16:37:03

yes,Apprentice Tre grin

Walnutshell Mon 02-Jun-08 16:42:26

Erm, Tre Cool in Greenday? Obv ironic. (so obv I had to mention it)

Pruners Mon 02-Jun-08 16:46:41

Message withdrawn

JessJess3908 Mon 02-Jun-08 16:52:11

Sounds like short for Tracey to me... As in "pass us a fag, will you Tra?"

savoycabbage Mon 02-Jun-08 16:54:51

Tre DeChannel from sunset beach. His mother faked a pregnancy with a cushion and kept it from her husband, an international jewel thief. In the meantime her mother was pregnant with the baby of the daughters husband. They called him Cole the Third after his father and Grandfather but he was always called Tre - the third.

What a programme!

Chequers Mon 02-Jun-08 16:57:14

Message withdrawn

minster Mon 02-Jun-08 16:57:51

Third born son or nickname for a 'the third' (John Bob III).

Chequers Mon 02-Jun-08 16:58:46

Message withdrawn

champagnesupernova Mon 02-Jun-08 17:01:27

savoy, was coming on to say Tre was from Sunset Beach
<did you see Cole was Karen's ex husband in Dirty Sexy Money about a fortnight ago?>

Hulababy Mon 02-Jun-08 18:13:30

Only Tre(y) I have heard of was the person from a previous Apprentice. Can't say I like the name personally though.

bluefox Mon 02-Jun-08 18:26:23

The weathergirl on our local tv is called Trai (pronounced Tray) Anfield.

BoysAreLikeDogs Mon 02-Jun-08 18:27:35

<<swoons>> at Sunset Beach

janeite Mon 02-Jun-08 18:33:37

The only Tre I have ever met is also one of the naughtiest children I have ever met. There may be no connection whatsoever of course but I don't like the name at all!

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