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starlover Mon 10-Jan-05 12:01:42

Who has picked out names for their baby?
Ours are currently :
Linus William (if it's a boy)
Emilia Daisy (if it's a girl)

I do keep changing my mind though!

JoD Mon 10-Jan-05 12:22:48

My names (at the moment and, like yours Starlover, subject to change!) are:

Amelia and Charles

Need some advice on middle names though. If baby is a boy, would really like his middle name to be after my dad, Joseph. However, as our surnames begins with D this would make his initials CJD. Do you think this would cause him major problems?

Similarly, would like girl's middle name to be Anne after my mum. No problem with AAD, but could prove potentially hazardous if shortened to Millie.

Too risky? What do you think?

starlover Mon 10-Jan-05 12:30:05

hmm, I wouldn't personally go with CJD.
How about swapping them and having Joseph Charles? Or, you could always add another middle name.

I think that Amelia Anne is really pretty, and if you're writing initials then you tend to put the actual initial (ie A) rather than any shortening...
so should be ok

SPARKLER1 Mon 10-Jan-05 12:33:34

I'm not expecting (unfortunately but just wanted to make a suggestion. Always be careful chosing your baby's name and make sure that the first initials fit in well with your surname. I have a friend who has a boy with a very unfortunate name C...... Hiscock.

SPARKLER1 Mon 10-Jan-05 12:34:06

The poor boy has to live with that for the rest of his life

sweetheart Mon 10-Jan-05 12:39:35

we have picked Lucas for a boy and probably Poppy for a girl although there are lots and lots of girls names I like.

Althoug being that I'm not due until July it will probably change 50 times between now and then.

I've heard of alot of Amelia's recently and have to say that unfortunalty it always brings me back to Millie Dowler. We live close to where her body was found and I had just had dd when she dissapeared so that story really haunts me

JoD Mon 10-Jan-05 12:55:32

Mmmmm ... Maybe I'm re-thinking on Amelia/Millie now.

I agree, you do have to be so careful with names. A friend knows someone called Warwick Hunt. Say it quickly - sorry if anyone offended!

Fimbo Mon 10-Jan-05 12:59:37

You could always spell it Milly - her name was Amanda tho wasn't it, Millie was just her nickname

hippi Mon 10-Jan-05 13:21:45

Wanted some honest opinions from people who aren't family!

My daughter is Grace-Evelyn. expecting second and want something that goes with Grace, and moment i like Riley John or Alfie Robert John for a boy and Phaedra Alice(pronounced Fay dra) or Ruby Alice.

What do you think!

starlover Mon 10-Jan-05 13:26:51

i LOVE Ruby... it was on my list of girls names!
I also like Alfie (again, on my list for boys), but there are an awful lot of them out there at the moment which is a shame.
Riley is nice, because it's a bit more unusual (i like unusual names!)

CountessDracula Mon 10-Jan-05 13:29:03

I love Ruby, my dog is called Ruby and was rather miffed when I had a dd that I had used it. Getting rather popular now I think

Surfermum Mon 10-Jan-05 13:30:25

Phaedra will always have to spell her name and tell people how to pronounce it, and you won't be able to get personalised teddies or pens.

I love Ruby.

hippi Mon 10-Jan-05 13:41:37

I do like Phaedra - true about the spelling thing. She could always shorten it to Phae (Faye)which I quite like! Is it too unusaul to go with Grace?

starlover Mon 10-Jan-05 13:46:35

I am a bit worried about Emilia spelling-wise, because when you say it, it is hard to distinguish from Amelia...
so we'll always be telling people how to spell it which could get boring

hippi Mon 10-Jan-05 13:47:55

By the way JoD, Emilia and Amelia are pretty! Don't worry about Millie thing Minnie Drivers real name is Amelia so let child chose shortened version or not. I choose name Grace cos it couldn't be shortened my daughter calls herself Gracie! If you call her Amelia and introduce her as such people will call her it. Don't like Millie any how. Amelia I do like. and it's not a long name, doesn't need shortening!

teabelly Mon 10-Jan-05 13:49:20

Hippi speaking as someone with an unusual first name I'd say don't do's not just at school, but also at work or any time you have to give your name, and I hate speaking to strangers on the phone at work and having to constantly re-pronounce and spell my name before I can actually have a conversation. Ruby is lovely tho, and Riley too - Alfie is nice but I bet there will be lots in the same year at school.

If this one (due May/June) is a boy he'll be Adam, otherwise it's Lucy.

Fimbo Mon 10-Jan-05 13:52:43

Teabelly my DS who has just turned one is called Adam!!

JoD Mon 10-Jan-05 14:10:59

I agree with teabelly re the unusual first name. Although I have a common first name, my maiden name was very unusual and it is such a pain having to spell it out all of the time, correct mis-pronunciations etc.

stringbean Mon 10-Jan-05 14:15:18

Hippi, there were two girls in my primary school class called Phaedra (I think their mums must have known each other before they were born), and I think its a lovely name. We never questioned the spelling or anything, and neither girl had their name shortened.

hippi Mon 10-Jan-05 14:38:25

Thanks Stringbean, my partner loves it but you're the first person to have been positive. I do like ruby but is is becoming to popular. At least a Phaedra will stand out!

biglips Mon 10-Jan-05 14:45:07

my DD name is Levina and middle name is may - Levina May, if it was a boy it would been called Callum Robert.. i changed the boys name about a million times when i was expecting (the baba's sex was not revealed as wanted as a surprise) but the girl name - i couldnt decide as i dont really like girlies name (no offend to anyone) so we decided on Levina about 3 weeks before i was due..

my friend who is a aunty and her newphew was born on boxing day 04, his name is Darren !! you dont hear that name on a baba anymore

blueteddy Mon 10-Jan-05 14:53:42

I have an Alfie, as it is a name that I have always loved!
It suits him perfectly, as he is a real characture!
My only regret is the arrival of Alfie Moon in Eastenders.

hippi Mon 10-Jan-05 15:04:50

Cheers everyone for your opinions - made up my mind now. Although I love the name Alfie (it was my great grandfather's name) I think I'll either have a Phaedra Alice or Riley John. Baby due 22nd of month. Same date as Grace (big Sis) only she was 11 days late. Not going to wait that long this time!!! Especially as she was 9lb! Let you know what it is!

starlover Mon 10-Jan-05 15:13:41

ooh hippi, mine is due 25th!

hippi Mon 10-Jan-05 15:20:41

Good luck starlover! let us know what you have!

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