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im looking for boys and girls unusual names please?

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biglips Sun 13-Apr-08 23:39:19


Sixer Sun 13-Apr-08 23:43:27


Can you see where i'm going here.
Bring back the 70's and 80's. Very different!!

harpomarx Sun 13-Apr-08 23:49:52

Arthur already trendy Sixer - think it's one of those old man names that are doing the rounds, like Albert.

but, I like your thinking... and was just naming a fantasy boy-child 'Mark' only the other day.

very sad, I know.

Sixer Sun 13-Apr-08 23:57:02

ok so Arthur is slightly, maybe 30 years out and popular today, what's wrong with Kevin. I had 3 kevins as my first loves. (i'm sure it was just the name). David's invaded as well. They must have been really cool names.
Other than those
(mmm the others in my class...<<<taps fingers>>> were...

Sixer Sun 13-Apr-08 23:57:57

Mark isn't sad, how many little Marks do you know?

harpomarx Mon 14-Apr-08 00:02:07

not the name Sixer, the act of naming a non-existent child grin

never had a Lionel, Wayne or Gordon but loads of Darrens, Deans and Neils.

Knew a Clinton too, now that is a cool name!

Sixer Mon 14-Apr-08 00:17:58

Ohhhhhh Sorry, I just watched THE LIONEL on tv tonight, he's hiper cool. That cool his guitarist is the coolest of all. (he put's the foo fighters to shame). OK so Lionel isn't to be. But Clinton, Clint... Far too 90's. Come on bring those old names back. I'd have a Richard..
no. Kevin.. def a Kevin
I hearby publicly announce, that should we ever have another boy, (hhmm) We shall name him.....<<<<drum roll>>>>>> KEVIN.

seeker Mon 14-Apr-08 00:21:25

Timothy, David, Martin,Geoffrey, Colin, Denis, Malcolm.

Susan, Christine, Noreen, Angela, Eileen,Petra, Jill, Jacqueline.

Sixer Mon 14-Apr-08 00:27:29

Love Colin
Jeffery (sp)
Dennis (sp)

Oh the choice, you can really confuse folk with spellings of names.
"Is that Geo or Je".
"no, it's with 2 NN's you eijit" D>E>N>N>I>S or even with one 'N' . Hey the world is your oyster. I wish i was having a boy/pregnant/not all over again.
There's so much fun to be had.

seeker Mon 14-Apr-08 00:47:37

There was anothere thread like this a while ago - how to be unusual without being bonkers/guilty of child abuse.

In my head, Geoffrey is English and Jeffrey is American - but I probably made that up. Also, Denis is Irish and Dennis in English - probably made that up too!

IdrisTheDragon Mon 14-Apr-08 01:31:24

I think Geoffrey is English and Jeffrey is American as well (my FIL is Geoffrey smile).

nooka Mon 14-Apr-08 01:36:20

We were going to have a Richard Ezra (we liked Ezra a lot but thought it might be a bit much, although having said that called the baby Ezzie through most of the pregnancy) but had a girl instead. I suspect Richard might actually be more unusual than Ezra though

UnderRated Mon 14-Apr-08 01:37:05

I know an American Jeffrey

devonsmummy Mon 14-Apr-08 13:24:22


kitsmummy Tue 15-Apr-08 19:41:04


Fridayfeeling Tue 15-Apr-08 19:42:53


chocolateshoes Tue 15-Apr-08 19:44:27

I know a Ralph and a Mark who are both under 2.

I also know a Zuni, Djembe, Sorsha, Yossie & Cade

Mamazon Tue 15-Apr-08 19:48:15

I am currently wanting to have a girl and name her Ophelia.

she could be fifi or Lea if people wanted to shorten it.

3kidsisquiteenuff Tue 15-Apr-08 21:12:26

how about mya ,nisha, ayesha ,anya ,leila, for a girl and jai pronounced like kai but with a j,for a boy

LynetteScavo Tue 15-Apr-08 21:15:13

Abashag (boys name0 is quite unusual around here.

LynetteScavo Tue 15-Apr-08 21:15:14

Abashag (boys name0 is quite unusual around here.

preggerspoppet Tue 15-Apr-08 21:29:08

alessio (a less e o)
or (a leth e o)

gingeme Tue 15-Apr-08 21:58:00

My nieces name is Bliss and my nephews name is Blaine.
I have old fashined named boys

madmumNika Tue 15-Apr-08 22:06:38

My DD is Mairi (Scottish gaelic for Mary). I also liked Amber, Iona, Inez, Heather, Sian, Ailsa, Lorna & Lucie. DD's middle name is Lee.

I think Tallin is nice for a boy. Also liked Ray, Finbar, Rowan, Cain & Leo. However my DS has the 'common' name of Sam, & middle name James!

supersteph Tue 15-Apr-08 22:07:45

My little boy is Leon.
How about Justin, Jacob, ewan, nathan, kyle.

Lucy, daphni, jessica, christal, Angle.

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