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I am the PROUD mother of an ISABELLA............................

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dizzydixies Mon 24-Mar-08 14:57:29

and I'm getting a bit fed up hearing how terribly common it it!

Am fully aware its climbing up the charts and a lot of people are using it

mine was named after a much loved great aunt and has always been known as Ella

she suits it, I love it, she loves it and there are none anywhere near us

she also has two common middle names as well
when did we all become such name snobs?!?!!?

sorry, venting rant over - will go back to enjoying the name I chose for our first dd


McDreamy Mon 24-Mar-08 14:59:02

Lovely name, if I had an Isabella I think I would shorten it to Izzy, nothing common about it Dizzy, I would prefer to think of it as popular rather than common wink

belgo Mon 24-Mar-08 14:59:58

I really like the name Isabella. It's on my shortlist, but not dh's, so we can't have it.

dizzydixies Mon 24-Mar-08 15:00:43

thank you! my aunt Isobel is more commonly known as Izzy so we went to the other end lol

may I also say I LOVE you in Gray's!

McDreamy Mon 24-Mar-08 15:01:38

Thank you - me too grin

dizzydixies Mon 24-Mar-08 15:03:05

should we start a support group

Mothers or Fans of Isabella regardless of where is comes in the Top 10?!

belgo - it was my choice after my aunt, but when she was born we had 2 boys and 2 girls names decided on and were waiting to see which baby 'looked' like - was dh that made decision after birth that she looked like an Ella - I wouldn't have cared at that moment in time had he chosen one of the boys names lol

abigaillockhart Mon 24-Mar-08 15:06:48

Sister in law beat me to it but I love the name Isabella - instead we have a 'terribly common' Ava - I now love that even more!

My name has been on the top ten list since the seventies and it's never bothered me - think it's hard on children to always be different. Didn't Peaches Geldolf say it was really hard growing up with such an unusual name?

As long as you love it, that's all that matters.

dizzydixies Mon 24-Mar-08 15:10:03

well abigaillockhart you can also be in the support group as fan and proud aunt lol

loving you in ER too - although you shouldn't have cheated in Luka!!! my, we've a lot from the medical fraternity enjoying Isabella grin

FranSanDisco Mon 24-Mar-08 15:13:24

Both dd and ds's names wer on that list and dd's middle name is Ella. I always knew I was common wink

abigaillockhart Mon 24-Mar-08 15:14:11

I do love him very much though. Gag at shagging that other bloke shock

DoodleToYou Mon 24-Mar-08 15:16:29

Message withdrawn

dizzydixies Mon 24-Mar-08 15:16:59

well, I hope you're managing to control your drinking, can only come from you lol

sorry, blatant hi-jack of own thread grin

I only started this thread as read on several others how many 'isabellas' there were and would people not get over it and pick a new name and how they were sick of hearing it and its soo over etc etc

not getting at anyone in particular I just think it is a timeless, classic name which gives the opportunity for lots of nichnames as well as having a lovely meaning without being snobby/common/chavvy etc

dizzydixies Mon 24-Mar-08 15:18:53

doodle my aunt was actually Isa which was great and we all loved her, I still miss her and she's been gone 10yrs. She was fab. We've had Isa, Izzy and Ella all from Isabella in this family and everyone single one has been completely fabulous and completely different - I can't wait to tell dd all about her great great aunt Isa that she was named after smile

alfiesbabe Mon 24-Mar-08 15:28:46

Nothing wrong with picking a lovely name. IME children don't like having a name that's so unusual that it stands out. Imagine having to say your name several times and spell it out and have people commenting 'Oh that's unusual every time you need to give your name. Hell for a child or teenager! I have a niece called Isabella, known as Izzy, whch I think is lovely.

MaryAnnSingleton Mon 24-Mar-08 15:29:56

it's a lovely name and sod anyone who objects !

wilbur Mon 24-Mar-08 15:30:49

I have an Isabella too, shortened mostly. I love the name and I guess there were a lot around here when we named her, and there are masses now, but I suppose it's like Sarah - there were hundreds when I was growing up, but it's still a beautiful name.

Doobydoo Mon 24-Mar-08 15:32:19

I love the name Isabella.A good friend of mine has called her daughter this name.Sometimes she is called Bella.Sheis a lovely child and it really suits her.I Didn't know it was that popular.

Ineedsomesleep Mon 24-Mar-08 15:34:14

It is a beautiful name though. Congratulations.

dizzydixies Mon 24-Mar-08 15:37:25

Ineedsomesleep thank you - she's nearly 5 now and we only know one other Isabella who is 3yrs younger and known as Izzy. Its only recently she's realised that she is actually Isabella in full, which is probably just as well because she starts school in Aug and wouldn't want her to be confused.

wonder if I should start another thread for name of dd2 as well as it'll no doubt be considered over used and common by some grin

bluenosesaint Mon 24-Mar-08 15:38:26

Tis a beautiful name dizzy!! You be proud girl grin

ClairePO Mon 24-Mar-08 15:41:53

I think its a lovely name! I want the name Isobel but my DP doesn't agree.

dizzydixies Mon 24-Mar-08 15:42:54

lol bluenose thank you grin

am now worrying that people will think that this is a birth announcement rather than rant blushgrin

Upsidedowncake Mon 24-Mar-08 20:39:34

My name is Isabella - when I was growing up, I was the only person in the whole school called it, and no-one had any idea how to spell it.

I've been watching its rise up the charts. I'm delighted that it's more popular now - though it's still about number 14. Not as popular as Emily, Olivia etc. I have been Bella and Izzy for short.

So good on you ladies.

I started a thread a week or so ago. Am probably going to call my daughter 'Dorothy' - which from 1926 - 1930 was the number 1 name.

dizzydixies Mon 24-Mar-08 20:43:25

oohh upsidedowncake its lovely to hear you like your name

and I like Dorothy too, have only ever met nice kind Dorothy's - dottie or dot is a lovely nickname for a wee one

am now just pondering name for dc3!

MadameCh0let Mon 24-Mar-08 20:44:17

Oh sorry. I was one of the ones slagging it off earlier.

I like the names Emily and Olivia so I've nothing against a popular name.

I'd rather come across an Isabella than an Amberlyn or a McMadisonleigh, so really, it's only on a name board, where I'm over analysing that I'd ever criticise it.

In real life on a real child it's a perfectly good name!

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